Urban Games just released the very final update for Train Fever. A decision we at Distrita find very negative for them. Train Fever have been released on Steam for many months ago and still its not done! The game got many bugs still, but Urban Games have sold the game as if it is done. Look at Cities Skylines Urban! They listen to the community, but you just show arrogance towards the players. Why?

Tram Catenary

Catenary for trams in Train Fever

This new and final update adds finally the long awaited catenaries. Players can now upgrade streets with electric tram tracks. This have been asked from the players since the start. But where is the traffic lights? Where is the avenues? Train Fever got so much potential, but Urban Games seems to just ignore peoples demands.


Place assets a long tracks and more

New gameplay elements for the game is also added. A flexible and highly modable asset placement tool opens a wide range of new possibilities to polish and decorate maps with any objects. Have Urban Games looked at Cities Skylines!? Good addition to the game, but way to late and shows that only now Train Fever starts to get a mature game. This new game developing house is doing everything right and wrong at the same time. Why is this the final update?


Height generated maps added

A new option to use height maps for generating landscapes have been added also. The player are now able to create truly realistic and beautiful sceneries. In combination with the possibility to include predefined seeds, this allows for creating various challenging and diverse scenarios. The developers have turned the game into something, but how can this be the final update? It is now that the team can really sell the game, when it CAN be sold as a real game and not as a Beta Testing game.

Conclusion is that Train Fever is now a fully game that should get much more updates. It is now that Urban Games should have released the game for the public. It is really sad that this is the last update from the team. They write about a new game in development, but Train Fever is simply a game where developement cant stop in the stage it is now. Distrita thinks that Urban Games should re-think their final news statement. Train Fever can evolve to something really great! Look at Cities Skylines and how Paradox is talking and communicating with their modders and fans. Urban Games should open up their eyes. Then you will feel the love from gamers.