Before FilmNet became a 24 hours TV Premium Movie Channel, their name was FilmNet ATN. But with this rare clip that I found. It was the first program schedule to show a  totally New 24 Hours broadcast. This program schedule that you see below is how the Night Club program schedule was made. It was made before the more known 3D graphics ident’s were made with the 3D cylinders.

The background music is also very epic and rare to find. I was really shocked to find it on YouTube, but I did. Right after FilmNet ATN changed their name to FilmNet, this channel had this program schedule graphics and music. This was only temporary, but also very unique production. Especially the music then program schedule is shown! I LOVE IT!

Epic FilmNet 24 Hours Videoclip Found

FilmNet was known for bringing Porn to Everyone

Since the start of FilmNet, they brought Porn to Everyone. As you might notice the picture here. FilmNet broadcasted this un-edited porn movies to England which in the end banned the channel totally because of it’s porn shows during the night that showed everything. In Norway they put a black dot on the screen when showing porn, while in Sweden and Denmark there was no ban at all.

Not only porn made FilmNet great, but all of the movies and the style that this channel had was totally epic. Then they started to change on their logos and layouts. It started to become a mess and so people stopped subscribing, because FilmNet choose to change their style too much. In the end they ceased all broadcast in Scandinavia and became Canal+ which is now C More.

If only FilmNet would keep the style from 1990! They would still rule and be epic for sure! The name is also very strong one, so why no one have put FilmNet back is a humongous mystery thing for me. FilmNet is a perfect name for a perfect movie channel. With it you knew what you got. You got the movies and that’s what you got when you paid for FilmNet. All of the content on FilmNet was quality. It was the movie channel then and I miss it!

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