On 3rd of June 2014. The staff at Distrita got informed about the Norwegian FHM paper magazine (which is a gossip magazine) closure a couple of weeks ago. There will be a controlled liquidation and the last issue will be in stores in August, said Thronsen to E24. We hope it went well for everyone working at FHM for sure.

Reading numbers declines from 2012 to 2013

This Bonnier made magazine came out in 2004 for the first time in Norway, with model Aylar Lie on the front. FHM paper magazine had a circulation of 26,000 in 2013, going down from 34,000 the year before.

– It is sad. We are still the largest lifestyle magazine for men, and still have many readers, says Thronsen to E24.

FHM paper magazine should try going on-line instead

Sad news indeed. But paper magazines having a hard competition with Internet. People seems to forget those paper reading times, but we at Distrita thinks they will come back as people will be fed up with looking at a screen all the time. LPs is back in stores. So, let’s see how far people are willing to go before paper magazines will make a comeback. It was nice to see FHM paper magazine trying to become popular, but they sadly didn’t.

We at Distrita thinks that FHM magazine should have tried to launch the magazine fully on-line instead of ruining a nice famous gossip news people magazine in just paper. Look at all of the Internet magazines today. FHM paper magazine would have survive if they went fully on-line including being a paper magazine. Then they could live out of adverts and sponsors of the website giving the paper magazine a longer lifetime too. Also by releasing FHM only for Internet, the paper magazine version schedules could be shortened a lot too.

FHM is a strong name, so why they didn’t try harder is a Big Question for us. Why?


Source: kampanje.com, dagbladet.no