Each year the Cerro del Fortin, near the city of Oaxaca in Mexico, is decked out to welcome hundreds of visitors to enjoy the maximum Oaxacan celebration. “Guelaguetza” or “Feast of Lunes del Cerro” is a meeting point of different peoples of Oaxaca to celebrate the pride of their customs, cuisine and culture in a large open-air theater.

This festival origins back to pre-Spanish times

Currently the Guelaguetza is celebrated the two closest Monday 16 July. Its origins date back to pre-Spanish times and are related to the cult of maize deity. Since that time the celebrations are held on the slopes of Cerro del Fortin, also known as Daninayaoloani or Cerro Bella Vista.

Every year, the event is a total success; thousands of people arrive before dawn for nearly three hours and a dozen groups spread their joy to the public. Admira endless colors, where each dance is accompanied by its own set of band music, string trios or drums.

Some unique pictures from the Mexican festivalphotoEscudo_Guelaguetza_2013_Fiesta_y_Sabor__guelaguetzaGDE