What if you could play Sonic Adventures in such detail? Maybe there is too much sunshine here, but this Unreal 4 demo level that Raphpower-S on YouTube created got some really nice potential.

You can really see with your own eyes that this would have been really awesome!

An Awesome Sonic Adventures Lost World Remake

I’m just doing some lightning test to see what fits the assets of SA1 and what doesn’t , that’s usefull for the Lostworld level ! What you see is the original mesh used in SADX but with other materials and lighted on Unreal Engine 4 , It was only a test but I wanted to share it so I hope you liked this small video , give me your feedbacks they are importants.

If you just continue. Now that will take you to a star for all Sonic fans out there. Just take a look at this Tomb Raider 2 Remake. There are so many talented game creators out there that should be given jobs at companies such as SEGA. This is awesome and this comes from a huge Sonic fan!

It is a big shame that no one at SEGA has managed to create another great Sonic 3D game after Sonic Adventures 2. The Sonic 3D games that have been released for Playstation 4 are really bad etc. But until another great Sonic 3D game is out. Now, this remake is really something. Sonic Adventures for Dreamcast is one of my all-time favorite games. Not because of the story, but because of the whole package that you get.

Sonic Adventures is the best 3D platformers ever made!

For some Mario 64 is the ultimate 3D platformer. But for me, it is Sonic Adventures. So when I saw this my heart went soft. This is the best 3D platformer and he managed to create a fantastic new high-res version of Mystic Ruins level.

The details in this remake are done pretty well as you can see above. We received this news item is from October this year, but we got it to our Tips Box today. We really hope to see this finished one day because I really love this and I really hope that it will be done in the future!

This remake of Sonic Adventures shows that the person behind it is dedicated. It is what I call remarkable creativity and this is something that most of all of the remaining Sonic fans want to play for sure. So, if you haven’t played Sonic Adventures then we urge you to do it. You must! But please don’t use bad speakers. We recommend that you use a great Hi-Fi system. Because this game deserves that.

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