If you are into Television, then Disvida is the niche site that you should visit. Here we invite everyone that loves idents of television channels, intros of television series, endings of television or even television channel promotions to come and watch the videos that we find on the different video sites worldwide.

Television Nostalgia page with Something Extra for Everyone

You can see the idents and promotions by Years, Showcase or even Wow factors. If there is something that is very rare and unique, then we put a Wow on it. Because there is levels of nostalgia on all videoclips that we find on-line. If the clips is from a certain time and its very hard to find, its an instant wow factor and huge kudos will be sent to the one that have uploaded it.

These are some of the tv channels that Disvida is covering for now

  • Galavision
  • MTV Europe
  • Premiere
  • RTL
  • Screensport
  • Sky Channel
  • Sky One
  • Super Channel
  • Tele 5
  • Teleclub
  • TV3 Scandinavia
  • TV4 Sweden
  • TV4 Norway
  • TV Norge

Not all of them exists today, but their way of promoting their programs were all quite different then. It seems like layout and logos ain’t too important anymore.

There is also articles about special events like when Sky Channel without notice started to broadcast in the middle of the night without telling anyone about it. Or about C C Catch, which had her brilliant starting career at Sky Channel. You can read and watch the whole performance here.

Sky Channel was for many the bridge between the boring and cool life of the 1980s. Sky Traxx with Pat Sharp was a big hit and it did leave a big black hole when Ruper Murdoch closed Sky Channel in summer 1989 totally and renamed it to Sky One!


Famous cartoon intros from the 1980s

Disvida also have many 1980s cartoon intros that is found on various video sites on the net. MASK is just one of the awesome cartoons that came out in 1980s! But not only Sky Channel delivered quality 1980s cartoons. Spartakus And The Sun Beneath The Sea also delivered epic cartoon quality with story that is yet to be beaten. This were all cartoons aimed for the children in 1980s and even now in 2017, many of these are timeless still.

Check out the Spartakus And The Sun Beneath The Sea intro Here

We wish you all a happy TV Nostalgia trip at Disvida