On website, there is a news item regarding Aina that was born in Antsirabe on Madagaskar in December 1969. Her parents were missionaries and moved back to Norway after half year. So, with that you would think that she wouldn’t get any issues in Norway. But that is not the case at all! After new rules which was set by the Norwegian government. Her plans for renewing her passport didn’t go as planned at all because of  bureaucracy and politicians doing nothing. Read on…

New rules from 2015 and 2016, got her passport cut by the Norwegian Police

Early this year, the family wanted to take a small holliday in Barcelona. They wanted to get some vacation of because of the many holidays days in May, but when she went to Police in February to renew her passport. She got her lifetime shock. Instead of getting the passport renewed, the Police cut the passport saying that there are new rules made from 2015 and 2016 for citzens born abroad.

She tells to that the fact that she got born on Madagaskar, was just a nice thing to show in her previous Norwegian passport. But the odd thing in this case to mention, is that Aina have managed to renew her passport 7 times before.

Parents always had Norwegian citizenship

Until now, she haven’t managed to get her new passport. Reason for this is because of Police in Norway. They demand that she have to get her birth certificate from Madagascar from 1969! Aina’s parents have always been Norwegian citzens, but that doesn’t help. The Police insists and put the new rules infront, which is pretty silly since she only stayed in Madagascar for her first half year after birth. She even states that she don’t remember anything,… I mean, who remembers their first half year of life?

She feels that she have been punished for something by the Norwegian state, which is fully understandable. It is her parents that brought her to life on Madagascar in Africa. She shouldn’t never be treated like this by the Norwegian state, but she is.

The Norwegian Missionary Firm confirmation of her birth is still not Enough!

In the article, it also states that Finn Andresen which worked with Ainas dad Leif Eriksen in The Norwegian Missionary Firm. He confirmed for the tax department (holds onto National registry in Norway) that Aina was born at Andranomadio hospital in Antsirabe on Madagascar. But even this didn’t help.

Tax department and Norwegian goverment Bureaucracy makes it hard for people to be heard

This is not the only case where bureaucracy halts peoples voices regarding issues. When things goes thru the Norwegian state, they start to blame each other and politicians just don’t have the guts to say or do anything for these people that gets affected by long processes.


Article states that politicians complains about each other to clean up this mess for Aina. That it’s ridiculous that she have to find her birth certificate from December 1969. Also the fact that she have been able to renew 7 times before, makes this new rule quite ridiculous.

A politician also makes it clear that Aina should be able to travel now in May. He claims that the Norwegian Minister of Justice should fix this case and that he have the power to do it. But since this case have been going on since February. It doesn’t seem that nothing have been done. It’s also quite depressing to see that she had to goto media to get politicians answer and “maybe” do something.

It’s really sad to see that bureaucracy ruins peoples lifes like this. It seems as if things will be solved, but not in May! So, then it seems as if Norwegian Minister of Justice named as Per Willy Amundsen which is from one of Norways most radical party haven’t done anything regarding this case. It’s sad and just stupid thing to do in a country like Norway, which should care about its citizens.


Norwegian government should Fix this Now! Please!… If you have the power, why don’t you as a politician help out?