Disney series are one of my personal favorite TV memories when I was a kid. I woke up every Sunday morning at 8am to watch the highlight of the week for me, my favorite Disney Series. There are things from your childhood that will stay with you forever. Like Disney’s magical kingdom of animated heroes and funny characters. Disney might be known for it’s enchanting films and the theme park that goes along with it, but we would be lying if we said that their channel didn’t produce just as good television programs. That is why we want to present a brand new Top List for you today: 11 favorite Disney series you remember when you were a child.

The beginning of Disney’s Animated TV series

If you were a child in the 80’s you were able to see the beginning of Disney’s animated TV shows. Some of the most popular characters from Disney’s animated movies. From Scrooge McDuck, the bear Balloo from the Jungle book and the chipmunks Chip’n Dale. The world deserves more shows like the one’s we got. Some shows are more current, but lets admit it, we still watched them because they were that great. Here is a list of 11 shows that made our childhood magical!

TOP 11 Favorite Disney animated TV series
Disney animated series, probably best known as Disney series around 1990, their golden age

#1: Wuzzles – Disney’s first Animated TV series

Do you remember Disney’s first animated series The Wuzzles? Don’t be too surprised if it’s not on your list!

Disney’s Wuzzles is an Animated television series created for Saturday morning television, and was first broadcast on September 14, 1985 on CBS. An idea of Michael Eisner for his new Disney television animation studio. The premise is that the main characters are hybrids of two different animals. The original thirteen episodes ran on CBS for their first run.

Why only 13 episodes of Wuzzles?

With only 13 episodes of Wuzzles, it was one of the shortest running animated series produced by Disney. One season later, Wuzzles moved to ABC (which was eventually sold to Disney) for reruns, and disappeared from network television after that. It was not given that Disney should focus on so many animated series after this beginning, but we are glad they continued launching many quality shows! Disney series we for sure will remember all our lives.

#2: Duck Tales – the classic Disney series we all remember

The Wuzzles was just the beginning. Duck Tales became my personal favorite Disney series. I used to read the Donald Duck magazines, and was familiar with the Duck family from Duckburg. In Duck Tales, Scrooge McDuck played a very important role, while Donald Duck was almost invisible. The nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie were intelligent and friendly. In addition to the classic characters, some new characters are introduced. Bubba the Cave duck from the cave and the robot Gizmo Duck. Here you can find a list of all the characters of DuckTales.

“DuckTales” was one of the great animated shows of the 80s and 90s and was one of Disney’s flagship programs. “DuckTales” was the story of Scrooge McDuck and his three grandnephews Huey, Dewey and Louie and the wacky adventures they participated in. This show in many ways is a precursor to “Phineas and Ferb” by showing young kids going on insanely kooky adventures and, like “Phineas and Ferb,” had a plethora of pop culture references and great characters. The show’s running gags were so great they spawned two shows: “Darkwing Duck” and “Quack Pack.” The humor in “DuckTales'” used to fill the summer hours in my youth.

Source: www.theodysseyonline.com

Did you know Duck Tales is back on TV?

Duck Tales Reboot: DuckTales got 101 episodes and was aired from 1987-1990, according to IMDb.  Did you know that DuckTales is back on TV now? Look forward to at least 2 brand new seasons and a complete make-over. What I personally like we did this reboot, is that the characters have been changed in shape and personality. I found the old version perfect (in my world as a kid, and how I want them to be for the next generations.) While other series like The Simpsons never change, Disney has chosen to make the New DuckTales more funny, and less exciting. It’s a completely new style of the entire series. At least they have kept the same intro song, and maybe it’s possible to get used to the new style after watching many episodes, but I’m not super happy for the moment.

The new DuckTales is a completely new reboot, where almost everything is changed except of the intro song.

Also check out Jonathan Young’s version of the classic Disney song.

#3: Chip’n Dale Rescue Rangers

After Wuzzles and Duck Tales, Disney had enormous success with Chip’n Dale Rescue Rangers, based on the famous chipmunks from Donald Duck & Co. This was how it started making a new series based on bi characters from old Disney cartoons.

Chip’n Dale Rescue Rangers became something much bigger than Wuzzles, but we loved Michael Eisners idea, the beginning of new Disney series!

The mischievous chipmunk duo that first came to fame as two of Donald Duck’s most persistent adversaries graduate to running a detective agency in Chip’n Dale Rescue Rangers. Though responsible and devoted to his work, Chip (voice by Tress MacNeille) often finds himself dividing time between solving mysteries and keeping the more impetuous Dale (Corey Burton) in check. Dale, on the other hand, finds that their worldly travels give him plenty of opportunity for fun and games — though he does pitch in when crunch time arrives. The gumshoe team is rounded out by brawny, cheese loving Australian mouse Monterey Jack (voiced first by Peter Cullen and later by Jim Cummings); tiny green housefly sidekick, Zipper (Burton); and hands-on girl inventor Gadget (MacNeille).

Source: commonsensemedia.org

“I just loved the designs, I love small secret worlds, and also the theme song was great,” she told io9. “I think a Mystery Detective procedural for kids in a tiny world would do great.”

Rebecca Dreistadt, artist (source: Gizmodo)

Chip and Dale now led a team of crimefighters called the “Rescue Rangers,” which, according to the five-part pilot episode, they started after a police dog they befriended is put behind bars for a crime he didn’t commit. The other members are Monterey Jack, or “Monty,” a tough but lovable Australian mouse with a weakness for cheese; Gadget Hackwrench, a blonde female mouse who was a skilled inventor and mechanic as well as both chipmunks’ unrequited love interest; and Zipper, a small fly (and Monty’s best friend) who could not speak understandably, but had unusual strength for his small size. The team lived in a tree in a park and saved the day from a variety of villains.

Source: tvtropes.org

favorite Disney animated TV series
Disney series from the 80s and later

#4: The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

This lovely bear is probably the cutest Disney character ever! For sure the favorite Disney animated TV series for many kids of the 90s. Winnie the Pooh was based on A.A. Milne’s Pooh character and Pooh’s well known animal friends who live together in the Hundred Acre Wood. The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh first aired in 1988 on Disney Channel. The show moved to ABC in the fall of that same year.

After production was over in 1991, reruns continued to air on ABC until September 4, 1993. In 1996, when Disney took over ABC’s One Saturday Morning programming, The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh was brought back in reruns, in which it aired until One Saturday Morning became ABC Kids in 2002. The Disney Channel began airing the series on October 3, 1994, and continued to air until September 1, 2006. The show also aired on Playhouse Disney from 1999 to 2006, as well as on Toon Disney from the channel’s launch in 1998 until 2008. In the UK, the program aired from 2000 to 2011 on Playhouse Disney.

Source: Disney.wikia.com and Commonsensemedia.org

#5: Darkwing Duck

The city of St. Canard is terrorized by thousands of criminals and supervillians, but the city has a protector, a phantom, who is evil’s worst nightmare. His name is Darkwing Duck, He was a superhero cartoon produced by Disney that ran from 1991 to 1995. It followed the adventures of a masked duck, who was somewhere between Batman, Sandman, The Green Hornet and The Shadow, parodying many superheroic tropes and characters along the way. Nevertheless, it was one of Disney’s Darker and Edgier series (not as much as Gargoyles, but it did go places that most of Disney’s works wouldn’t dream of going), fondly remembered for things like total aversion of Never Say “Die” and an episode featuring Satan (albeit a comical version) as the Monster of the Week (though that episode ended up getting banned from syndication).

Armed with only a gas gun and a massive ego, Darkwing battled a rogues gallery of villains and defended the city of St. Canard — all while providing his own narration.

Source: TVtropes.org

#6: Tale Spin

We really can’t forget Tale Spin, based on the bear Baloo from the Jungle Book! Another hit series for Disney, with lots of seasons and followers! For sure one of the favorite Disney animated TV series for many kids of the 90s.

The series centers on the adventures of bush pilot Baloo the bear, whose air cargo freight business, “Baloo’s Air Service”, is poached by Rebecca Cunningham upon his default on delinquent bills with the bank (run by the criminal tiger Shere Khan) and renamed “Higher for Hire”. An orphan boy and former air pirate, the ambitious Kit Cloudkicker, attaches to Baloo and becomes his navigator. He sometimes calls him “Papa Bear”.

Together, they are the crew of Higher for Hire’s only aircraft, a 20-year-old modified Conwing L-16 (a fictitious aircraft using elements from the Fairchild C-82 transport, Grumman HU-16 amphibian, and a Consolidated PBY-3) named the Sea Duck. From there, the series follows the ups and downs of Higher for Hire and its staff, sometimes in the vein of old action-adventure film serials of the 1930s and 1940s, like the Tailspin Tommy movies, and contemporary variations, such as Raiders of the Lost Ark. Source: Wikipedia

Raphael Orlove thinks that the premise of Tale Spin is Insane when you think about it:

There was Baloo, the cartoon bear from The Jungle Book, flying a twin-engine float plane against air pirates. Why air pirates? Because in the world of TaleSpin, the whole world was air  and sea based, and everyone flew. Of course there were gonna be scimitar-wielding air pirates.

Baloo did not live in the jungle this time, but in a trading city with a single entrance through a passage between giant cliffs.

Source: jalopnik.com

One of Tale Spin’s characters, Don Karnage, will return to the new version of DuckTales. Yeah, the new DuckTales promo reveals a TaleSpin character appearance, and that is Don Karnage, according to CBR.com

Don Karnage is the captain of the air pirates, who has a very unique mix of English-French-Spanish (?) accent.

As the leader, he has a great responsibility over the big “family” of pirates. He and the air pirates live in a gigantic ship named the “Iron Vulture”. His main desire is to plunder the city of Cape Suzette, a task far from being easy as there are many obstacles to overcome (the cliff gunners, the air force, and sometimes a foolish pilot, his former pirate navigator and his very annoying boss lady.

He’s full of himself, actually he *loves* himself (probably even more than he loves acting piratish).

Source: AnimationSource.org

#7: Goof Troop

Disney’s Goof Troop is an American animated television series from The Walt Disney Company featuring Goofy as a father figure and bonding with his son Max, with Pete as their neighbor. Created by Robert Taylor, the main series of 65 episodes ran in syndication in 1992–with reruns lasting until 1996–on The Disney Afternoon, while an additional thirteen episodes ran on Saturday mornings on ABC, four years prior to Disney’s purchase of the network.

Source: Disney.wikia.com

In this series, Goofy is the father of an 11-year old named Max, and lives in the suburbs. Goofy also lives next door to longtime Disney antagonist Pete (who in this version has been turned into less of a villain and more of a total Jerkass), his wife Peg, and his two kids, PJ and Pistol. Even so, Goofy is still just as klutzy and, well, goofy as he was in any of the Disney shorts.

Source: TVtropes.org

#8: Timon and Pumbaa

Among the newer series from Disney, we can mention Timon and Pumbaa based on the characters known from The Lion King.

This cartoon series is based on the popular Lion King movie. The sidekicks of the movie, a meerkat named Timon and a warthog named Pumbaa are the main characters of the series. Although the movie’s main character, Simba makes some appearances. Main Characters

TIMON is the fast-talking meerkat, the supposed “brain of the outfit”, though often it seems that Pumbaa’s general knowledge actually overshadows his. Timon is still the one to come up with the wittiest and craziest ideas to get them out of (or into) trouble.

PUMBAA is the smelly, yet kind warthog who’s always ready to help his friends. While Timon is often ready to break the rules to get what he wants, Pumbaa is usually honest and innocent in his intentions.

QUINT is the main villain. He has appeared under dozens of aliases such as Congo Quint, Criminal Quint and Corteous Quint.

Source: www.tv.com/

#9: Bonkers

Bonkers is another series that aired from September 4, 1993, to February 23, 1994, in first run syndication (after a “preview airing” on the Disney Channel). The syndicated run was available both separately and as part of The Disney Afternoon. The show was last seen in the US on Toon Disney but was taken off the schedule in late 2004.

Source: disney.wikia.com/

Backstory aside, the TV series chronicling Bonkers’ exploits as a cop was created by Disney as a result of them wanting to make a TV series based on a Toon Cop character. Although the episodes with Miranda Wright as his partner (produced by Duane Capizzi and Robert Hathcock) come later chronologically, they were actually produced first; however, Disney was reportedly not pleased with how they came out and put a new production team (headed by Robert Taylor) in charge.

The Taylor-directed episodes introduce Lucky Piquel as Bonkers’ partner. The last of the Taylor episodes, “New Partners on the Block”, bridges the gap between those episodes and the 19 Capizzi directed episodes that made it into the show’s run. Sadly, due to the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing (further exacerbated by 9/11, though not the original source of its removal as is commonly believed), the episode was cut when Toon Disney still aired classic Disney shorts and cartoon shows.

Source: TVtropes.org

#10: House of Mouse

No characters have been so popular as Mickey Mouse, and why not combine him with the best Disney characters ever, including Donald Duck and all his friends? House of Mouse (2001-2003), is another successful formula for Disney! For sure the favorite Disney animated TV series for many kids of the 90s. Disney Animations have always been fun!

The series was a successor to the short-lived Mickey Mouse Works, an earlier program consisting of original cartoons featuring Mickey Mouse and friends. The majority of the cartoons featured on House of Mouse were reruns from Mickey Mouse Works, although classic theatrical cartoons as well as new Mickey Mouse Works cartoons were also regularly shown. The series was also created to commemorate and coincide with the 100th anniversary of Walt Disney’s birth.

Source: Disney.wikia.com

#11: Gargoyles

A clan of heroic night creatures pledge to protect modern New York City as they did in Scotland one thousand years earlier.

Gargoyles is an American animated television series, created by Greg Weisman for Walt Disney Television Animation and Buena Vista Television, and originally aired from October 24, 1994 to February 15, 1997. The series is credited for its relatively dark tone, complex story arcs and melodrama; character arcs were heavily employed throughout the series, as well as Shakespearean themes.

Source: Disney.wikia.com

Gargoyles never particularly caught fire like the Disney Channel hoped it might during its mid 90s run. Disney undoubtedly had high hopes for it, looking to launch a new franchise that would sell plenty of merchandise, but at the time kids were more interested in the whip-zoom fluorescence and badly dubbed dialogue of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers.

Source: Denofgeek.com

Which one is your favorite Disney series?

We hope you liked this Top 11 List Favorite Disney animated TV series. Hopefully it evoked some good memories from your childhood. If you would like more great animated TV series to be added to our list, please do not hesitate to contact us. Let us know which one is your favorite Disney series.

A quick summary at the best Disney animated series of all times includes:

  • Wuzzles
  • Duck Tales
  • Chip’n Dale Rescue Rangers
  • The new adventures of Winnie The Pooh
  • Darkwing Duck
  • Tale Spin
  • Goof Troop
  • Timon and Pumbaa
  • Bonkers
  • House of Mouse
  • Gargoyles

If you are quarantined and want to discover the magic of these nostalgic Disney series, you should consider to get Disney Plus, the new streaming service that is growing super fast these days.

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