On Saturday 25th of April, Nepal was hit by an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.9, 8.1. Many of the districts in the country and the countries nearby were affected and the quake did major damage to buildings and landscape. Since the last weekend, there have been several aftershocks. Newspapers even have mentioned that the capital Katmandu have riced, while the mountains have fallen down a bit. Huge powers took place on Saturday for sure.

So far, it is confirmed that over 5,000 people have died, but there could be more as Nepal consists of many remote villages.

Far Cry 4 donates $35509 to Nepal

The game development studio named Ubisoft Montreal, has even jumped on and want to help. They’re going to donate up to about $106598.

You can follow them here:
Nepal Region Earthquake Fund

Far Cry 4 have locations from Nepal

From Yaks to Snow Leopards, every animal is a weapon in Far Cry 4. The whole nature in this game is from Nepal and then its quite interesting and a very good step made by Ubisoft to support the Nepal suffering people after one of the worst earthquakes hitting the country.