We spend a lot of money in buying a smartphone. Therefore, after performing an apparent work, instead of crying on the above mentioned milk, consider the following mentioned factors to make the right decision.

Built up

Depends on the look and durability of the phone. Most smartphones are built with metal or plastic and are very low with glass. If you leave your phone very often, then you must avoid the glass option in a safe zone.

Buying A Smartphone CastleBuying a Smartphone with a superb Display

For most of us, a big display with high resolution is very interesting. True, large displays serve classic dishes, but generally a high-end phone, this is a great display. So, you have to decide what kind of smartphone users you are.

If you use your phone for texting, calling and browsing, you can probably display from 5 to 5.5 inches HD or full HD resolution. If you play videos, play high resolution games or edit photos and videos, you need a display from 5.5 to 6 inches HD or QHD resolution.

Too big displays make the phone bigger and just one hand is incredible. Nowadays, the AMOLED screens are more eye-catching than LCD and are also supporting HDR for some better viewing experience.

However, if you want to save these features, your budget must be flexible.


How many megapixel cameras are on? During the purchase of mobile, it is the most widely asked question. The fact is that the picture quality is not dependent on mega pixel alone.

For outstanding photos, other important features that you need to see in a camera are aperture, autofax, speed, ISO level, pixel size etc.

If you are an extraordinary image, which is just buying a phone for a camera, find the phone that is under F / 2.0 under 12/16 MP, or low shot shots in less light. In addition, if you are an independent person, you can also with F / 2.2 aperture with F / 2.0 with 8/12 MP camera.

Buying A Smartphone Woman TalkingBattery is Important when Buying a Smartphone

Yes, the battery is very important for many people, especially for sports lovers and buyers. Determine the other indications of the phone such as processor, operating system, screen resolution, and long lifetime of battery life. If you want a battery life for a long time, a 3000 MW phone will be a reliable option.

Today your smartphone also has the option to burn faster with a wireless charge. This enables you to charge your phone at the least possible time. If you have a purchase of a Android phone and need a fast charging feature, visit the Qualcomm Quick Charger 4.0 or its earlier version.


Phone performance depends on its processor. But phone processing power depends on UI, OS and other. Snap Dragon 600 and Snap Dragon 835 processors are important among Android phones. If you’re a gamer, Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 or snap dragon 820/821 can multiply you smoothly.

Buying A Smartphone Talking ManMemory

Count RAM and internal memory for better user experience. Over half of your smartphone’s memory is being administered by these apps by setting up your new phone. Then video, photos, music, and etc., so choose at least 2GB RAM and at least 16GB internal memory, which has a wide range of accessibility memory so that you can store more data storage. Can put micro SD card for

A close view on the buying a smartphone examples that you have decided to buy regarding the above mentioned factors will cause a smart decision with awareness about user reviews. Always ask questions, submit information and spend the money on your mouth before spending good money.




Source: Distrita Own Experience