Facebook has received a few solid scratches after the Cambridge scandal. Reflections that have emerged in the aftermath have not contributed positively to the reputation of the social media. So, Facebook lost many users.

Tried to Access Financial information from users Banks

The Wall Street Journal reports that Facebook tried to access financial information about its customers by talking to the banks. But they refused to do so. The company must have done this to get access to customers data that is sent via the Facebook app which is a messenger program for mobile phones.

The instant messaging service by Facebook which is named Facebook messenger is a platform that enables companies to communicate directly with their customers and they wanted to use it for things like advertising, sources to The Wall Street Journals says.

The report by the newspaper mentions Bank of America,  American Express and Wells Fargo. Also. In addition, some banks also chose to remove the ability for customers to contact them via Messenger to prevent Facebook from accessing sensitive data.

Facebook replied regarding this case to the newspaper

Elisabeth Diana, a spokeswoman for Facebook, says to The Wall Street Journals that the social media company does not use customer’s financial information for so-called targeted advertising.

So. It’s good to see that Facebook they answer. But it doesn’t seem like they answered the question regarding trying to access customers financial information with their banks. It is good that the banks have denied this or this case would have become a huge one.

With all fuzz that is going on with Facebook. We can mention that there are still great alternatives to Facebook such as Telegram and the 30 year old Internet Relay Chat which is also known as IRC. If you don’t want to get tracked and be a bit more anonymous on-line. We recommend Messenger or Chatting services that got great protection or let you use a nickname only for chatting.

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So, maybe IRC era will do a huge comeback? All of the bigger companies tracks where you go. Do you really want that?


Source: wsj.com


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