Since Monday 17th of June 2019, the tram line E in Strasbourg (in France) is extended. Strasbourg got one of the most interesting tram fleets and so its nice to report that this tram network is expanding.

Extension of tram line E in Strasbourg now Open

Now reaching Robertsau Neighborhood

Since Monday this week you can now take the tram line E to the heart of the Robertsau. It means that this neighborhood can connect with the city center more easily to the rest of the Strasbourg urban areas.

The bus network in Strasbourg also changed to suit the updates of the tram line E. The Robertsau shuttle bus stopped serving the area.

If you want to get to the Sainte-Anne clinic, then the advice is to take the tram line E to Robertsau L’Escale and change to bus line 70 which takes you to the Robertsau Renaissance terminus. The buses runs every 15 to 20 minutes.

Extension of tram line E in Strasbourg now Open

Tram Line E extension Details

Line E is extended. There are 3 new tram stations on the route that is reaching a totally new neighbourhood at its heart in Strasbourg, France.

The following new stations that is added are:

Robertsau L’Escale, new line terminus.

Also do note that the service is unchanged, so the trams will run every 7 to 10 minutes. Within 15 minutes you can reach République station directly from Robertsau L’Escale. At Mélanie station there is a connection with bus line 15 and also connection with bus line 70/70a at the new terminus Robertsau L’Escale.

Strasbourg is very well known as the European parlament got its headquarters in this city. A very nice to visit. Especially for people want to explore and see a beautiful city.

You can see even more information about this extension of Line E here.

Map of Strasbourg town in France

[osm_map_v3 map_center= “48.5842,7.7520” zoom=”13″ width=”98%” height=”450″ map_border=”thin solid ” post_markers=”1″ type=”” control=”” ]


Source: CTS, Urbanrail