Places to go on the light rail: Since 2009, Distrita covered many Light Rail in Europe and other places in the world. These are the 7 best light rail places to visit that mixes tram and metro type of transportation. It is our own list. The light rail word that is used in this article means that the transit systems we mentions does have tram alike wagons that can run overground, on street level and underground.

Light rail system is very alike tram, but can be a light Metro too. But it is not a full Metro system. A full scale Metro or Underground system is what you can find in New York, London, Paris and Berlin to name a few. Here is our biggest recommendations regarding light rail places to visit.

1. Kassel in Germany

In the middle of Germany. You find Kassel. A really nice looking city with just about 192.000 citizens and that’s not too big in Germany at all.

Kassel got a very interesting transit concept. With several local tram lines and light rail lines that can go faster than 100 km/h! They are easy to notice as they are white. Kassel got 3 light rail RegioTram lines, which run on shared DB railway tracks and urban tram tracks. Alstom RegioCitadis is the wagons used for the light rail part and these reaches areas outside of Kassel.

All of the light rail RegioTram lines switches from light rail to tram mode at Kassel HBF station. There is also light rail alike stretches for the tram line 4. So! If you are a light rail enthusiast. Visit Kassel and be inspired!

2. Santa Cruz de Tenerife on Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

Best Light Rail places to Explore and Check out


Distrita have been covering Tranvia De Tenerife here. It is mentioned as a tram, but it is more like a light rail line. It does connect two cities on Tenerife, which is La Laguna and Santa Cruz de Tenerife. This light rail network never shares tracks with cars. Either it runs on its own avenues or on its own stretches in the city center of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Also, T1 and T2 meets at underground sections of the line. Including T1 having a small tunnel in La Laguna. All stations are modern. A fantastic city to visit.

3. Porto, Portugal


The second biggest city in Portugal is Porto. With about 350.000 inhabitants, this city needed a transit system and so the city decided to go for a full scale light rail system that they call Metro Porto. With 6 light rail lines, Metro Porto is not a small network at all. In fact, most of the tracks within the city center of Porto is underground. Especially Line D, which runs from north to south of Porto. It’s even crossing the Douro river on a majestic Luis I Bridge bridge! Must be seen!

Line B is even connecting several towns and villages with Porto also. This light rail network is fantastic. When we visited it, I was stunned about how clean and maintained this system was. The ADtranz wagons looked stunning both overground and underground. The underground stations were also very informative.

By visiting Porto, Portugal. You will visit on of worlds most fantastic light rail places! But thats not all. You visit a fantastic Portuguese with fantastic food, architecture and feel. Be amazed!

4. Bergen, Norway

Best Light Rail places to Explore and Check out

If you haven’t visited worlds wettest city. Then you need to visit Bergen. Check out our article about Bybanen in Bergen here. But for transit enthusiasts we can also invite you to try the light rail Bergen system in Bergen which is Norways second largest city.


At the moment, Bergen got only one line so Bergen light rail map isn’t too difficult to understand. But it will be extended a lot in the future.

Goto Bergen city center with comfortable Light Rail train

Best Light Rail places to Explore and Check out

This light rail line here is run by Stadler Variotram train tram wagons. You can see the light rail map above, made by Distrita.

These light rail trains runs in Many cities in Europe

These light rail trains are used in London, United Kingdom and in Aarhus, Denmark too. It runs in several tunnels that are pretty long, but at the moment ‘Bybanen’ which is its local name still doesn’t have a station constructed underground except for the airport station which is underground with light coming down to the station.

In the future, this light rail line in Bergen will stop beneath Haukeland hospital though. Also there is lots of discussion about where to put the next extension to Åsane which is in the north part of Bergen.


5. Karlsruhe, Germany

Best Light Rail places to Explore and Check out

Kassel got a great light rail network which is part of its tram network. The same can be said about Karlsruhe in Germany. Here you also have city trams and light rail trams. The light rail trams here also uses train network as the RegioTram lines in Kassel. It seems to be a trend in Germany to build these kind of transit solutions and they do work!

Take a trip to Bad Wildbad with Light Rail Train

Best Light Rail places to Explore and Check out

Distrita visited both Karlsruhe here, and Bad Wildbad here in autumn 2017. Then we managed to visit a quite modern light rail system with some unique touches that we explained in those articles.

It was a majestic experience, visiting Karlsruhe and Bad Wildbad! Especially the trip to Bad Wildbad. I haven’t seen a more beautiful German city in my whole life. With a river flowing thru this town. Bad Wildbad is something really unique and great. You must visit this place and when you know you can go with a daypass all over the network for a tiny price. It’s worth it and you start questioning… Why don’t our city have the same service?

6. Den Haag, Netherlands

This beautifully Dutch city named Den Haag got a light rail train network which is much better than the one Netherlands got in Amsterdam. Here you also have Alstom RegioCitadis wagons that Kassel in Germany uses for it’s light rail network there. You can read and check out Den Haag in our article here.

Visit Zoetermer outside of Den Haag with awesome Light Rail trains

In Den Haag, the company behind transportation in the city choose something unique. They choose to have long sized trams running on stretches with segregated tram and car traffic instead of a Metro system. These light rail lines which is run bu RegioCitadis reaches the city underground stations, the central station (which is really amazing) and they also connect Zoetermer with Den Haag.

These also runs pretty fast on the outskirts of Den Haag. It’s something special to go fast in a light rail tram wagon. It feels faster than it is, which is cool! Line 3 and 4 even shares track with Metro Line E that connects Den Haag and Rotterdam. It’s pretty unique that a Metro line connects two cities, but that is something that you need to try.

7. Aarhus, Denmark

With inspirations from Bergen’s light rail route. Aarhus in Denmark followed Bergen and ordered the same type of light rail tram wagons. You can read everything about how Aarhus finally got their light rail tram system up and running here. At the moment, L2 is the only light rail line in Aarhus. It runs between Aarhus H and Aarhus Universitetshospitalet.

This light rail network goes to Grenaa even outside of Aarhus

Best Light Rail places to Explore and Check out

The other parts of the light rail network is also used by Stadler Variotram light rail tram wagons. They even goto Grenaa. So, these wagons are multifunctional as those in Kassel and Karlsruhe in Germany. Clever!

So! The main difference between the wagons in Bergen, is that the wagons in Aarhus, Denmark also can be used on the national railway network which already runs thru Aarhus town. Many thinks of Copenhagen in Denmark as the only city in Denmark. But this country got more than meets you in the media!

Best Light Rail places to Visit and Explore in the World

So, now you know about 7 amazing light rail places. Some which we have visited, while others we will visit. There is also towns that didn’t manage to be mentioned in this article, but we feel that we have covered light rail systems that must be visited by you if you.

No matter if you like light rail towns or not. I hope you got some inspiration on where to go next.