If you are in the Gmunden, Austria area in August. Then it is a huge chance to experience delicious food markets there. This is our ongoing Where To Go service for you! On the Traunseetram Facebook page, they promise that lots will happen there In August and so you can take their Traunseetram to these markets. A fantastic light rail system.

photosource: Traunseetram Facebook – Take the tram to the food markets in Gmunden, Austria!

On every Tuesday in August. There will be a weekly market at Rathausplatz. Here you can find some delicious fresh vegetables and fruits. But that’s not all. Also at the Marktplatz Gmunden, you can always have fresh delicacies on Tuesdays and Saturdays. So if you want to have some fresh air experiences. Get out of the busy cities with lots of Wuhan virus issues. Then Gmunden which is a small city with fewer people is a good choice.

Remember social distancing and keep the area free. Think of others before you enter these markets. Try avoid spreading as much as you can.

Rathausplatz Food Market on every Tuesday in August 2020

You go off on the Rathausplatz Trunseetram Light Rail station in the city center. And while you’re here. You can see the wonderful city of Gmunden too. The Google Maps map isn’t updated, but the tram goes through the whole city center and even crosses Gmunden’s wonderful bridge together with cars.

Marktplatz Gmunden is happening on every Tuesday and Saturday in August 2020

Distrita recommends visiting Gmunden. A small city with a big heart. A fantastic city that isn’t too big at all but at the same time got a fantastic light rail tramway system that is very unique in this world. Gmunden got about 14.500 according to the Urbanrail.net website which a site that covers world transit maps. A valuable place to check out if you’re traveling to places.

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Source: Traunseetram Gmunden Austria