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Experience and get to know all our outdoor water sports. Sri Lanka is a Diving Experience beyond anything that you have experienced ever before. All of the Sri Lankan Tour HUB is about Activities, diving outlets, etc.. which gives them access to the best places on the much beloved tropical island, there are completely disabled areas. It’s origin is totally coral, it even has some points more than 3000 meters deep, due to it’s isolated position in the Indian Ocean far from the coast and the pollution with it’s crystal clear waters that allows you and everyone here to enjoy a perfect experience everyday.

Over 40 Different Dive sites on Sri Lanka to Explore

Currently there are areas of tourist facilities and each one has access to an average of 40 different dive sites.

The variety of dives that can be carried out and the most exciting ones are those that take place in channels that communicate in the interior of the ocean, there are especially outstanding places by which allows you and us as a tour operator to explore much wides areas. Our expert crew know the perfection The Star points and will do everything possible to make you the visitor spend unforgettable days…

We know the area well and will Guide you

You can see at the photos here that we’ve got a complete activity, which allows us to know extensive areas and to perform a varied type of dives, but all this does not end here! We will also organize excursions to visit the island, meet it’s people and see how they live. Pasado the day of adventure can also make a dinner enjoying by a beautiful beach illuminated by thousands of stars…! Sri Lanka got it!

photosource: Sri Lankan Tour HUB – Amazing diving experiences with us where you will see and experience incredible creatures below the ocean waves!

photosource: Sri Lankan Tour HUB – Underwater extravaganza Experience

Nice Hotels and Places to Dive in on Sri Lanka

Our company is associated with the best hotels and restaurants in the area, allowing you a total service and will give you an unbeatable stay… There is like no other! And here we describe some of the areas in Sri Lanka in more detail!

TRINCOMALEE  – East Coast of Sri Lanka

The Great Greek Coral Reef & pregion Island Nilaveli divers and beginners, enjoy a few sunny days, relax and calm seas in this charming place. As a prominent place you can also practice 6 to 14 outdoor activities and as the most striking are your boat trips to your diving and snorkeling highlights, whale watching and dolphins all a wonder to behold.

COLOMBO – West of Sri Lanka

The best dive itinerary in Sri Lanka includes a stop to this place where you can see the sunken boats such as: Thermopylae Sierra (25m) Chief Dragon (20-34 m). Taprobane (26-40m) and Trug (32m) which have all become artificial reefs and home to rich marine life from Mere and Whales…

West Coast _Hikkaduwa – Weligama – Down – South_Kirindha..

finally in this particular and mysterious place, you will be able to explore and experience in a fun way all activities for beginners as well as expert divers, with more than 30 PADI Experts at your disposal in all our activities offering daily opportunities to know all our places and your marine Wildlife.

Here is a detailed map of Sri Lanka

We also offer training courses and the possibility of obtaining the international PADI diving certification. Come to know, identify and value the fleet and marine fauna in a participatory manner and with their total diversion. In the weeks to come we will also inform you more about Sri Lanka places and more.

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