Have you ever wondered how radio sounds in the different parts of the world? Distrita recommends you to check out Radio Garden website which is so rich of radio exploration then and now. When entering this site, you have a 3D globe showing you green dots that appears. Then you can browse your way to the different radio stations that you want to listen to. Works nicely in Firefox and Google Chrome.

Eurodance Lives on for sure in Almaty, Kazakhstan

Here you can browse thru all types of radio stations worldwide. Either they play italodisco like Radio Italo4you in Warszawa, Poland that plays only italio disco, Radio Neon Club FM in Riga, Latvia plays pop music, GTI Radio in Moscow, Russia gave me hardtrance that I’ve never heard before, Radio Energy in Perm, Russia with amazing Russian adverts and pop music, Humor FM in Rubtsovsk, Russia with pop music or even Radio NS in Almaty, Kazakhstan playing eurodance so much as if this music type never left the country. Amazing!

Not only music channels can be found but any types of radio channels. Only those channels that have registered themself on the list is listed, but they are many! If you are into English radio stations, they are mostly in UK and USA. However, radio stations like Radio NS in Almaty, Kazakhstan does play English type of music. Or if you just want pure hardtrance Boost FM in Chicago is a nice try for sure.

Learn the language that You want to learn better

If you learn Japanese, German, Russian or even Icelandic. Listening to their radio stations is a very good way of learning their language faster. Also when your mind listens to another language for longer time of period, it will remember things easier. Just try.

Radio Garden is really something for you which wants to explore the world of its hundreds of radio stations. Not only can you listen to the radio stations Live! But you can learn a bit by exploring the History, Jingles and Stories links. Here you get to know more about coast radio stations and many interesting things that happened in our history.

Radio stations were one of the first massmedia possibilities in the world. It was here that the world wars that we know of was announced and where information about war ends reached the public. Many of unlisted and pirate radio stations helped people also. Without radio history existens, todays technology wouldn’t be where we are now.

Radio Garden