Earlier we have covered a review of Loro Parque in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife. A really nice family orientated park, which also got a very nice zoo. We commented on the pricing, about their constant Siam Park adverts and we also guided you on what you can explore in that park in our review here. Many people haven’t heard of Jungle Park which is another animal park. Jungle Park is located in the southern part of Tenerife together with Siam Park and Aqualand as it’s neighbor attractions.

Jungle Park lets kids feel like real adventurers – here they get to explore a unique zoo and botanical park with nature trails, suspension bridges, waterfalls, and tunnels. Inside of the park, you can also experience wild cats such as South African lions, cougars, and even a blue-eyed white tiger, and storks and peacocks often roam with visitors on the tour. You can also relax with cold drinks in one of the shady outdoor areas, while the exotic birds stroll right by.

Animals and Birds to Explore at Jungle Park on Tenerife

Eagles and falcons are landing almost in your head

The most famous attraction in Jungle Park is the Eagle and Falcon Show. Don’t be surprised if the eagles and falcons are landing almost in your head! Here the kids can feed and pat the eagles and wild birds. You can walk along in the park and enjoy these exotic animals and raptors.

falcon show

Jungle Park is Way Better in Every Aspect than Loro Parque

Where Loro Parque fails at promoting for Siam Park (which is the owner of the water park of Tenerife), Jungle Park is a way more calm family and zoo park all in all. The tickets aren’t too expensive, but we questioned the pricing online and at the park? When we arrived it seemed as if the prices were no different?

What is correct about the pricing though is that Small ones under 3 years old get the entrance for free, while everyone else costs.

Animals and Birds to Explore at Jungle Park on TenerifeHere are the prices

  • Children between 3 and 4 years old: €2 online, €9 at the park
  • Children between 5 and 10 years old: €13.50 online and €17.50 online
  • For all Adults: €22 online, €26 at the park for adults

As with Loro Parque. You can get a discount for Aqualand, which is the owners’ version of Siam Park. There are discounts if you buy a ticket for both of the parks. The parks also have free bus services that cover Los Christianos and Costa Adeje. A nice thing is that Jungle Park is pretty close to other attractions, while Loro Parque is on the total opposite side of Tenerife. If you love to travel a lot to see new parts of Tenerife, you can see it and Siam Park. But they are pretty far away from each other.

So, our conclusion to this statement is that Jungle Park feels way more relaxed! It is also much closer to Aqualand which is their second park. It is in the very same area on Tenerife. Also, there is almost no mentioning of Aqualand in Jungle Park.

 Get close to exotic animals and birds in Jungle Park

Just like in Loro Parque, you have awesome animal shows also in Jungle Park. These shows are famous and a must if you visit this amusement park. It also seems for us as if Jungle Park does have much more focus on birds in all different sizes. These amazing creatures are awesome to look at!

I also loved that we were allowed to walk among amazing looking animals and birds. Once a very funny and interesting bird didn’t want to let us, visitors, out one of the cages where humans are allowed to walk. But people stayed there patiently until the bird moved away.

I felt way freer together all in all with the animals in Jungle Park. They looked healthy all of them. There was nothing odd about them, except for some of the hawks that the park kept in chains instead of in cages. The park owners answered to us that they did this because of the nature of the hawks?…

Animals and Birds to Explore at Jungle Park on Tenerife

Fantastic hawk and birds extravaganza shows that would need more English practice

Their seal shows were nice! Great English there, but the fantastic hawk show was poorly done. The birds itself did a fantastic show, but those doing the show couldn’t communicate with the English audience good enough.

This ended in people miss understanding when to sit or stand at the arena which was poorly made. One of the hawks in the show stopped listening to one of the organizers of the show. But he came back in the end!

Don’t get me wrong here. The show itself was fantastic if they had done the show in Spanish and the visitors got translators on their ears etc. Once people calmed down, the show continued quite nicely.

Animals and Birds to Explore at Jungle Park on TenerifeGreat park for all members of the family including the smallest ones

In the end, I want to conclude by saying that the Jungle Park experience is a nice experience for everyone in a family. This is for sure a nice family zoo park. It got some rides and experiences for young kids, but we couldn’t test it because of our small one that needed attention. But for kids from 3 years and up this park offers dozen of climbing roads and fun for them. Jungle Park is for sure a great family park that is a nice experience.

We also ate pizza at the park which was pretty nicely done. There was birds around the human eating areas that asked for food, but that was just a nice touch to it. The eating prices aren’t too expensive also.

Finally, I want to add that the altitude of the park might give the temps there a bit cooler feel than in Costa Adeje area. The park is on a bit higher elevation on Tenerife. Our day there had lots of clouds, but no rain. We had the perfect weather for walking around in such a park for sure. Our visit was an unforgettable experience. Everyone loved the experience and we all agreed that this visit was a better experience than on Loro Parque. That is our honest review and experience. So, Distrita recommends Jungle Park a lot. Tired of the beach? This is an awesome visit then!

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For more information regarding this zoo and family park on Tenerife, please take a visit to their site here. This is a none-promoted article. It is our own experience that is described for you.

Jungle Park on Tenerife