South Korea got so much more than meets the eye. Most Europeans thinks that the country is only in conflict with North Korea and therefore it is dangerous going there. But that’s not the chase. This country is small but there are lots to see and experience. South Korea is inviting you to Yangyang. The small county of South Korea named Yangyang in Gangwon Province, is a fantastic place to visit that only takes 1 hour with the fastest travel option to reach from Seoul.

Yangyang is a province on the eastern coast of South Korea that has morphed into a bustling surf district of South Korea, with a touristic vibe hub of Korea’s surfing culture. The cheapest way to get from Seoul to Yangyanggun costs only ₩18099, and the quickest way takes just 1 hour.

The county is proud to unite the five major religious influences in South Korea such as Confucianism, Buddhism, Shamanism, Protestantism, and Roman Catholicism. There are sites for all these movements in the Yangyang province of the country. The Seonghwangsa is a shamanistic altar that was traditionally used for sacrificial rites. Yangyang Hyanggyo is a Confucian school, built-in the year of 1340 way back. Today the school mainly serves as a shrine, but some classes are still held at the site.

Then back in 1921, the Yangyang Cathedral was built in the province. During the Korean War, it was burnt to the ground but it is rebuilt after so it is safe going there. The county is also proud of its five-day market. It is the largest traditional market in the area and renowned for the quality of its produce. The market is held on days ending in 4 and 9.

Surfing is a huge thing to do in Yangyang

In Yangyang county you find Surf shops, restaurants, and cafes for surfers line Yangyang’s streets. On the weekends, the beaches are packed with surfers in wetsuits looking far out into the horizon with their surfboards, waiting for the right wave. The local surfing culture in the area is thought to have emerged in the 1990s and today there are around 200,000 surfers. All of the beaches in Yangyang are now opened for the summer season, but as with everything in 2020. There are restrictions on what people can do or not do.

As the Wuhan virus pandemic from China hit is yet to be contained, beachgoers are expected to comply with strict social distancing rules. A two-meter distance between parasols and tents has to be maintained, the use of shower booths can be restricted and beachgoers must wear masks at all times.

These areas are important to know about in Yangyang county

  • Naksansa(洛山寺)
  • Uisangdae(義湘台)
  • Junjisaji pagoda(陳田寺址三層石塔)
  • Naksan Beach that includes Naksan Provincial Park
  • Osan Beach
  • Dongho Beach
  • Hajodae Beach
  • Ingu Beach
  • Jigyeong Beach

From May to September each year the weather is great here. It is an underrated place to visit in South Korea for sure. At the moment on the 18th of August 2020 the temperature in the area is about 32C.