Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe unveiled a trailer on 18th of December, for One Piece Grand Cruise. A extravaganza virtual reality experience for PlayStation VR that is coming in 2018 for the console! This is for sure a humongous extravaganza cool news thingy. Here you have a true One Piece fan and now I can soon meet the One Piece crew in a virtual reality world. A great reason for getting a VR kit for sure.

Trailer of the One Piece Grand Cruise for PlayStation VR

Get aboard on the famous Thousand Sunny ship in One Piece

Spike Chunsoft Studios are in charge of the VR experience, that will introduce players to the famous Thousand Sunny ship and meet the legendary Straw Hat Crew with Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Sanji and more.

With them, you as the VR player will take part in fierce battles and use the guns to defend their ship. By selecting pieces to explore in the ship, players will be able to make choices to guide their own experience and see what it feels like to be a pirate!

One Piece Grand Cruise is expected for 2018 exclusively on PlayStation VR. So, 2018 will for sure become a nice nice year for One Piece fans. This anime series that is still going on in Japan have got a humongous status everywhere. With this game, it will reach a momentum for sure. One Piece is one of those anime cartoons that makes you smile, because there is so much stuff going on. Its crazy, its funny and its trully about how much friendship can move you forward.

So! Watch the anime, buy the manga books and now you can aboard the famous Thousand Sunny ship. To meet all of your favorite characters in virtual reality is for sure something quite personal. This game will be a reason to get PlayStation VR and I am not bought by any company to state that. It’s just that One Piece is one of the best creations ever. Love it forever until the end!