Since 2009, Distrita have been giving you articles from all corners of the world that is provided by independent writers and contributors. However, there was many requests regarding niche sites in 2016 and so we decided to launch them for you. I will list our sites after popularity and interest.


Here is what the Distrita family can provide to You


In 1985, the world was stunned when a computer could multitask, show real photo images and play stereo music. Now in 2017, this home computer which is called Amiga still have thousands of enthusiasts worldwide. Amitopia was established as a paper computer magazine about Amiga in 1998, but changed totally in 2003 to become only a on-line magazine. Since then various attempts to launch it the correct way didn’t happen because lack of time. But! Since October 2016, Amitopia website launched as the first niche site under Distrita family of sites. Since then,

Amitopia have risen every month and now in August 2017 it seems to become the most active and visited month for the site.

The website includes all Amiga flavors and do post all sorts of Amiga news including those you won’t find on Distrita or on other websites. Amitopia is the site where Nothing But Amiga Knowledge is presented to the visitors. Distrita team welcomes to the site.


Distrita got lot’s of amazing food recipes and food articles sent to us. We love that and Distrita main site will continue to do so. However, we do have contributors that wanted to post even more food articles. So, Distrita team decided to create Etrita where the content there is only about food, recipes and restaurants. It’s a small niche site for us, but it’s mission is to be a place where you can search for ingredients and the site will suggest recipes for you. So, if you have food interest then please write to us and we will post. If you also add pictures we will be even happier too!

So, either you love to get to know restaurants or want to make something totally new. Then Etrita’s mission is to give you a small but powerful food site that you can share as much as you want.


Health is something that we all wants to preserve. We want to live longer and we want to try to improve our health. That’s a goal every human on this planet wants to do. So, Distrita started to have articles written by contributors that loves this topic. Because of this, Ytago site got launched in January this year. Here we have added tea and chocolate articles. However it also contains info about tea herbs and what to do with old tea bags.

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After launching Ytago we have got quite positive feedbacks telling us that such site was needed. It’s really not about one cure or one health article, but here we post all articles about the topic that we get from our contributors. Leave a healthy life and your health will improve. How you want to live is however up to you. It is your body and your health. We are here only to inform you about health tips and then it’s up to you to follow or not.


There are thousands of money sites on-line. There are dillions of trader sites and you and I can get pretty lost in all of the information. With our launch of Help To Make Money site, you will be all guided about traders, affiliates and how to earn money on-line. Our expert at Distrita gives you tips on how to make money fast, lifestyle earnings and how to get motivation to do some action regarding earning money on-line.

Help To Make Money niche site by Distrita team is a site created after many requests from you after our postings about it on the Distrita main site. Here all sorts of news and tips regarding using money, saving money or trading is put under one roof.


Our newest niche site that we created for you. It’s all about Television Nostalgia. We did put some articles about it on Distrita and found out that there are some very big fans regarding television idents, intros and promos from 1980s until now. So, we created Disvida. A television nostalgia website with clips from various video sites with television nostalgia content.

So, either you like Sky Channel, Teleclub, Premiere, TV3, TV1000 or RTL7. This is the site for all television nostalgia fans.