The world haven’t fallen apart. Amiga gets game releases now and then, even for hardware which is for many outdated and not useable. Well, Amiga is strong and now Exodus hits APC-TCP shop very soon. The game requires minimum Amiga with AGA and atleast 16MB of mem.


In a few days time the first and the biggest from the thousands of Toth planet remains will hit Bataar planet and it will turn Bataar into the burning tarch. The conveyors and war ships are caring Moroi technicians and the equipment. The bas ship is equipped with complicated devices necessary to open the superspace tunnel. Such a tunnel is vital to move fast and to reach the destination point. The Moroi expedition directs towards the second planet in Antares system. There is sitiated informal Zelds mine colony. The Moroi people exodus has startet.

The aim of the play

Two races fight for the domination over the strange conquered planet. It is the main aim of the Exodus game. The player chooses the one of the races and he has to finish successfully 20 missions, which form one campaign. Each mission means the different operation area. There are about 20 units as well as the same numbers of buildings at the player disposal. They are introduced gradually in dependence of the achieved progress.

Hardware Requirements:


– 030 CPU
– graphic system: AGA or graphic card
– 16 MB FAST memory (for gfx card 17 MB)
– 1.5 MB ChHIP memory
– CD-ROM 4x speed
– harddisc
– AmigaOS 3.x

– 040+ CPU
– 32 MB FAST memory
– CD-ROM 8x speed