Are you waiting for the brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 4? Or iPhone6?

Apple is in crisis and has really not invented something new since the first iPhone. All the other ones look almost the same, the screen is much smaller than the competitors, and the features are miles away from the leading specs on the mobile market. At the same time, they have delived stable phones with what people need, especially appreciated by grown-ups and older people. And the apps are among the best on the market! So all in all, what Apple needs to get back is a completely new phone dedicated to 2014 and the people that lives in the world today! The rumours say that the new iPhone will get a completely new design! And we like to hear exactly that! Possibly, Apple has learnt a lesson from Samsung also this time, and will launch not only one, but TWO phones – two different sizes! Earlier Apple said that 4 inches is big enough for everyone, and the size never needs to be changed! But Samsung experimented and has given mobile phones up to 6.3 inches, almost a phablet or tablet if you want! And most people laughed of the first Note phone, but it has been a huge success, especially for business people on the go! But the question may be if the old Apple fan boys will dislike a bigger iPhone?! At least they will appreciate faster processor and a better camera.

Samsung will of course not miss the opportunity to launch a brand new Note model, and it will probably be out before the new iPhones… Samsung also promises new user experiences. So the competition will be tough this autumn! And we promise to cover this news as soon as we know anything more!