Are you a workaholic and your family misses you? Well, maybe the solution is to get social robots! One of them can become a Pepper Robot to your family! Yes, we just are thinking loudly: Why not buy a social robot to your family? The Japanese company SoftBank has launched a new social robot! Pepper is the name of a 140 centimeter long robot, and can speak 4 languages for the moment, including English, Japanese, French and Spanish! More languages will be added in the future! Many interesting apps for Pepper are already available to download. And it’s already a huge success!

Can Pepper Robot become Social Robots?

The 1000 social robots that already are produced were sold in only ONE minute! (check out more robotic articles here) The price is approximately 11.000 Euros, and according to SoftBank is Pepper the first robot that can interact with human beings! Pepper may even understand people’s face expression, and you can speak with him!

A robot for workaholics, we don’t think it’s a bad idea! Maybe he can replace you when you’re not home! We also think Pepper could be an entertaining friend for lots of retired people, lonely, old people, and disabled people that can’t leave the home.

Robot understands 4 languages for the Moment

This social robot can speak 4 languages for the moment. This includes English, Japanese, French and Spanish. To have such robot in your apartment might help elderly a lot. But the danger is eventually if some hacker manages to take control. Then we are all doomed. If the robots like in The Terminator or even in the Will Smith movie I-Robot goes crazy. I don’t know how long the human race would survive.

What happens when the digital AI becomes as intelligent as us humans? What would an attack on the social robots do to their data is totally unknown.

We will see in the future what happens. What will happen to an emotional robot with enough AI code in it? Will you get social robots to help out in your apartment?


Source: youtube