best festivals to volunteer at

Today we are covering the best festivals to volunteer at! Please read on! Music festivals are great opportunities to interact with a wider community. An event that provides us with a much sought-after opportunity to escape the hassle of everyday life and enjoy the melody of our favorite singers andContinue Reading

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5 Helpful Tips On How To Travel By Train In Georgia

Whenever you visit a foreign country I am sure that you always look for the ways of transporting from one Read more

The 3 Greatest Music Festivals In Tbilisi

The quality of music festivals in Tbilisi and generally, in the country speaks a lot about our musical culture. Georgia Read more

The Best 9 Bars With Live Music In Tbilisi

There definitely are way more than 9 bars with live music in Tbilisi, but as always we chose the best Read more

Awesome Amiga Interest at Gamescom 2019

Usually, most of our Amiga related articles are posted on our Amitopia Amiga Magazine website. But in this chase Distrita with its 1.2 million visitors should know what’s going at the game event Gamescom 2019 in Cologne, Germany. Here we wanted to share how the Amiga is still quite hotContinue Reading

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5 Advice On How To Spend a Perfect Summer Day In Tbilisi

How to Spend a Perfect Summer Day in Tbilisi Tbilisi is a city full of history, there is so much Read more

New Year’s And Christmas In Tbilisi | Plan Your Magnificent Vacation

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Do not Buy the Digital Edition of Playstation 5

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earthquake observations in Australia

Not many Earthquake happens in Australia. However, a bomb alike feeling managed to hit the South Western Region of Australia. Earthquake with a magnitude of 5.6 in Australia Felt earthquake but no #tsunami threat to Australia from mag. 5.6 #earthquake near Walpole, Great Southern Region, #WA. Latest info. at Reading

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Earthquake of 4.5 magnitude struck in California, USA right Now shakes its Residents

On Tuesday morning at 4.49 local time. An earthquake with a magnitude 4.5 managed to struck parts of California state Read more

Earthquake hits Indonesia with a Magnitude 6.5 with Minor Damages

Distrita is reporting directly from the Earthquake hit country Indonesia. It is really stunning to see how such happening in Read more

Earthquake of the magnitude of 3.1 near Iceland shakes the Viking island

Last night at 21.46, outside of the democratic Nordic country Iceland in Europe happened last night. This 3.1 magnitude earthquake Read more

NDTV felt the Earthquake

In India they also felt the powers of the earthquake coming from Nepal. This earthquake was felt in the whole Read more

Last night at 21.46, outside of the democratic Nordic country Iceland in Europe happened last night. This 3.1 magnitude earthquake occurred about 10 km West South West of Geirfugladrangi North West of Reykjanes on the South-West peninsuala of Reykjavik last night at 21:46. More than 60 quakes was registered lastContinue Reading

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Iceland is Europes most Expensive country

According to this news item. The prices on this mysterious Nordic country named as Iceland is 84% higher than in Read more

Iceland opened at two locations in Oslo Norway

Iceland is now expanding its presence in Norway. From just two stores in Asker and Larvik outside of Oslo. Iceland Read more

All staff Restrooms in Reykjavik, Iceland is now becoming Unisex

Restrooms in Reykjavik, Iceland is getting Unisex bathroom focus writes. Iceland Monitor writes that Reykjavík City’s Human Rights and Read more

Drug usage on Iceland is shrinking More than in other Countries

What is going on Iceland? This little tiny nation that got about 348,580 living there sees a shrinking drug use. Read more

AmiParty Report, AmiParty 19 Show Report

About 3-4 years ago I was browsing some of the Amiga communities on G+ with our Guru Meditation account.  I stumbled across a video of a bunch of Amiga guys throwing a great party – I mean a REALLY great party. Positive Amiga vibe all the way at AmiParty IContinue Reading

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Glowing bicycle paths in the Night means easy bike paths near me

In European countries such as the Netherlands and Denmark. They have tons of roads for biking stretching all over these Read more

Poland is one of very few countries in Europe Supporting Trump’s New Laws

Most of the countries in Europe, seems to have quite harsh statements against the new immigration laws that mr. Trump Read more

Trees can Communicate thru electric Signals and Gases

A German author called Peter Wohlleben says that trees in a forest does communicate with each others thru electric signals Read more

Ukraine won Eurovision Song Contest 2016

With 534 points, Ukraine won Europes hearts. It was a long-lasting thriller, where most of viewers actually thought that Australia Read more

Distrita’s aim to support all kinds of indie-game developers continues! Now we spread info about two Amiga game developers and distributors AmigaTec and AMIWorx. Helping them promoting for their products at one of worlds biggest game expo’s ever. Gamescom is held in Cologne, Germany from 17th of August until 21stContinue Reading

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Microsoft got no Love for their Windows Phone community

Mobile phone technology has been progressing so fast that even 5 years make a huge difference. Just a few years Read more

Microsoft Edge Windows 10 web browser for iOS gets Siri Support

Before people had issues with Microsoft Explorer. Governments and users then started to remove it and in the end Microsoft Read more

More Windows 10 apps is now removable for Users

I was a bit scared when this news dumped into our mailbox. Mainly because I thought Microsoft can now remove Read more

Microsoft will try to compete with Edge on Android and iOS

Google Chrome is world's most used web browser now. Firefox is the second most and behind many like Opera and Read more

Solskogen Computer Party Uncovered

If you ever wondered how a computer party looks like? Distrita went to Solskogen to film and show you how it looks like. Solskogen is a computer party that includes beers, dancing, demoscene and barbeque. Fantastic. A Nerdy Event with lots of Awesome people Meeting at one place Yes, it’sContinue Reading

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Netflix gets more Expensive in Norway

Netflix Streaming Service Worldwide, Netflix News Worldwide Including Norway, also Sweden, Luxembourg, and Belgium the Netflix giant is getting more Read more

Light Rail Tram type for Lund, Sweden is now Revealed Look Awesome

On 21st of June 2018, the agreement between Skånetrafiken in Lund, Sweden and the Spanish company CAF (Construcciones y Auxiliar Read more

Sweden is getting Ready for Candy-hungry Norwegians

On 1st of January 2018, all of those that have opened stores beside the Norwegian border inside Sweden, is now Read more

Longest day in the northern part of the World today – Sun turns today!

Today it is the longest day in all of the countries that sits north of the equator line that divides Read more