If you want to see a mighty Viking singing One Last Time at the Eurovision 2020 stage in the Netherlands. So far, this tune by Rein Alexander is a big winner for us at the local Norwegian Eurovision show which is called MGP in Norway.

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It is now 60 years since Norway debuted in the Eurovision Song Contest with Nora Brockstedt and the song “Voi Voi”. On the occasion of the anniversary, the national broadcaster in Norway, NRK decided to expand the competition with five semi-finals. Because of this expansion of the show, this year’s final will be very interesting to follow.

Celebrating 60 Years with MGP 2020

MGP 2020 is the Melody Grand Prix, which is the official name of Norway’s national Eurovision Song Contest. In the last year’s competitions, it is only been one final but now in 2020 NRK has really increased the entertainment level a lot because of 60 years since the country contributed to the worlds largest music festival.

The competition is as always organized by NRK in January and February this year where 25 songs will participate. It is in fact the highest number in the competition’s history. As 60 years have passed since Norway debuted in the Eurovision Song Contest, the Melodi Grand Prix has been extended with five semi-finals, which started on the 11th of Saturday. Each region of Norway has its own semi-final this year, with artists and songwriters from that region.

Viewers can vote one song from each semi-final to the final on Saturday 15th of February 2020, where they meet five pre-qualified finalists selected by NRK.

Semi-finals in Oslo and the Final in Trondheim

All of the Norwegian MGP Semi-finals will be held in the H3 Arena at Fornebu, while the finals will be held in Trondheim Spectrum. This is the very first time that Trondheim is hosting a Melodi Grand Prix final, and it is the first time since 1989 that the final will not be held in Oslo.

Kåre Magnus Bergh is the program manager for the sixth time, while Ingrid Gjessing Linhave and Ronny Brede Aase lead the program for the first time. Of the ten finalists, viewers select one winner, who will represent Norway in the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 in the Netherlands. We at Distrita really love the song by Rein Alexander a lot. His stage presentation and the song is a pure Eurodance song that would for sure win lots of people’s hearts. So our votes go to him and wish him all the best on the 15th of February 2020.

So, it will be interesting what type of country will win Eurovision 2020 this year.

Eurovision 2020 should have this Norwegian Viking at the stage in Rotterdam 1

Voting problems in the final gave the “Viking” no chance to win

Unfortunately, NRK was struggling with huge voting scandals during the Norwegian final, and they ended up using local judges consisting of 30 random Norwegians to make the decision – who should represent Norway in Eurovision 2020? Lots of Eurovision fans became upset, and also the artists were angry at the production team. The TV company was using this excuse: The viewers sent too many emoji-icons and the servers collapsed! This was a new experiment from the TV channel. They did not accept any phone calls or SMS messages this year, only through an app. In this app they had both options to send emojis and votes. The only backup solution was 30 people to make the decision for the entire country.

Very disappointing for the “Viking”

The fact that the audience did not have the opportunity to vote their candidates in the MGP final on Saturday disappointed the artist and favorite Rein Alexander. – When I have had this “act” with flames, Vikings and dancers, it hurts because I think that I could have overturned the logic that Ulrikke should have emerged as the natural winner. Rein Alexander thinks it is not fair that all the work he had put into his live show during the MGP finals, should not have anything to say.

Rein Alexander in an interview on NRK.no
Ulrikke Brandstorp became the official winner of the Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix after the voting scandals.

Eurovision Song Contest 2020 FAQ

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