It’s better late than ever. June still haven’t beaten us, so were right on time almost. But for those of you which didn’t know about this event. Now we manage to deliver to you a valid article for sure. Last year, the same European TramDriver Championship, was held in Berlin. But now in 2017 on 4th of June, all of the participants had to be flew over to Tenerife which is the biggest island in Canary Island region of Spain. Santa Cruz which is the biggest city on Tenerife. Read our article about Tranvia De Tenerife here!

Jerusalem for the first time in European TramDriver Championship

Norway’s second biggest city Bergen to participate was quite nice to see, since it is the smallest tram city in Norway. But at the same time, it is the newest in Norway and Bybanen participated with people that cares about the trams in their city. Not like in Oslo, where Ruter is making huge mess that never does anything good. However, to see tram drivers from Jerusalem in Israel and from Dublin in Irland participating for the first time is quite nice. This European TramDriver Championship competition that was launched in 2012,  shows how the international experience with tram interest is getting more popular, which is really great for the environment work around the globe. Now it is 23 teams from 14 different nations in Europe that want to know who will become the best European tramdriver in 2017.

Many countries with different tram cities is also participating. These are Germany, Spain and also Sweden. There are a lot of trams cities in Poland and Russia also. But none of them participated here. Maybe next year?

Celebrating 10 Years of trams on Tenerife also

Including competing for having fun. This event was hosted on the day which Tranvia de Tenerife celebrates its 10 years with trams on Tenerife also. So, the tram experience on this fantastic island have become quite more healthier. They should build this network across the whole Tenerife island! This is a golden opportunity for making this island the healthiest island in the world?

There is also plans to extend the tram Line 2 and there is also plans making a train system on the island. So, there are fantastic news for people that loves rails. The future is saved for Tenerife for sure! We think!

Watch the whole European TramDriver Championship 2017 in Tenerife here

It is really great to see such competition! A beautiful organization!!!, congratulations to the winners and congratulations to the team from Jerusalem for the first competition. This was a fantastic event and is a great way of different tram drivers to meet. Also, it’s such a special event it would be really awesome to see it live. Next time! I hope!

Congratulations to PARIS for winning Tramdriver Championships 2017 on Tenerife!

In an exciting final the team Corinne Leroy and Karim Annouche from Paris secured the title “TRAMDRIVER-CHAMPION 2017”. There follows Berlin on the 2nd place and Frankfurt on the 3rd place! The title “Europeans Best Female Driver” won Franka Sonntag from Berlin followed by Zsuzsanna Ledniczki from Budapest and Alexandra Engeseth from Bergen. The best European male driver is Karim Annouche from Paris followed by Thilo Korbien from Frankfurt and Christoph Engelmann from Zurich. We really congratulate all teams to an amazing championship!

Check out more information on Tramdriver Championships website Here