If not a WINNER, this song from Estonia made the biggest impression on us yesterday. Elina Nechayeva with La Forza which is from Estonia is a VERY powerful song that warmed our hearts watching Eurovision Song Contest 2018 Semi-Final on 8th of May. We really think that this song is Now for sure a TOP 5 Right now. Elina got so much emotions going on at the stage, it can even become the WINNER this year. What do you think?…

Amazing Opera singing performance by Elina

This is why we Love this song contest. Artists that you’ve problebly never knew existed is singing and performing the best they can. Elina is such artist from Estonia, but she doesn’t need to enter IDOL or X-Factor show. She proves to the world how amazing she is on the stage. Her voice is magic, her performance is great and the effects is correct for succeeding at Eurovision Song Contest. Fantastic.

Fantastic Eurovision performance and Voice by Elina

Elina did a fantastic performance. Her voice was so strong that it Touched our Hearts A LOT. We questioned if she had some connections with Nightwish from Finland. Because she sounded like the opera singer that Nightwish had. Just amazing Performance and we at Distrita wish Elina a very interesting Final on Saturday 12th of May 2018.

Good Elina and All of the artists that Made it to the Final. Iceland didn’t, but Ari have a nice career in front of him for sure. His voice was just amazing. But he felt a bit not confident at the stage we think. From the moment Distrita watched the local Eurovision Song Contest on Iceland, we knew that when Ari won there that this song won’t goto the final. But Ari did a much better performance in Portugal than on Iceland we think. We wish Iceland the best until next year.

Eurovision Song Contest 2018 Semi-Final on TV

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