When it comes to how cities in the world should solve their public transportation issues, then Essen in Germany is a great example. Their trams makes use of road space on ground and underground, but they have made quite interesting transactions between these two worlds. Yes, in Essen you can see trams coming up to daylight in parks and in the middle of roads. They also managed to make this look nicely done and should be an inspiration for other cities like Göteborg, Malmö and Oslo to name a few. Also this is a nice solution for the tram in Stockholm. With some will and interest from enviroment interested politicians,  expanding public transport with trams is a brilliant way to have one type of transport system for all sorts of transport solutions.

Essen Tunnel Entrance

Essen Tunnel Entrance

Trams can be so Flexible for every city in the world

Trams can be very flexible if they are built the smart way from the start. They are actually one of the most flexible transit options for sure for any city in the world. The next best thing is a effective Metro system, but if your city wants to create them in a affordable way. There are many solutions to choose from and they can be expanded much easier later on if needed!

Trams as a transit option can have many different adjustments to the wagons as you can notice from our pictures that was taken in Essen.

Some of the tram wagons are shorter, while other ones can be longer than a general metro length even. In Essen, they also use a tram type that can manage to use both higher metro alike platforms and lower platforms. Yes, Essen does really have door floors that can change from stairs version to a flat version depending on the station platform height. This is very practical, because many of the tram lines shares stretches with the Metro in the town.

Different gauge rail sizes on the Essen transit network

The metro and tram tracks in Essen is not in the same sizes like in Oslo, Norway for example. But, Germans does have solution for this even like many cities in Europe does have. This is for sure something that could be done in Trondheim, Norway!?

So! Let me try to explain! Even with tram and metro wagons using different gauges. They also share stretches in this town! So, some parts of the stretches have a 3 rail track system where one of them is used by both, where the widest gauge is used by the metro and the smallest gauge is used by the tram. This works well.

Essen Tram Underground station

Essen Tram Underground station

Trams are Compatible with almost any Terrain in the world

There is also no solution that is really bad or negative for trams. This transit solution for your city, can be built in almost anywhere. They can be built on street level, run underground like a metro and in train-tram cities like Karlsruhe they do even have the same speeds as local trains. This can be done by giving the trams possibilities to use different types of overhead power lines correctly.

Many transit solutions is available that politicians can choose for their city in an much affordable way. However, the truth for make everything cheaper and better is by building trams lines so they are used a lot by everyone in the city. Your city planning must think of rush hours and how to get your people around in the most effective way. And that’s not by packing people in car queues! We’re not negative regarding cars, but if a city doesn’t have an effective transit system. The cars will give lot’s of headache for the city. A city with cars only versus those cities focusing on giving its people a proper public transportation system is huge. Even with 8 lane highways, the town will have issues in the rush hours if you’re not focused on giving people a proper transit system.

Combining the trams with the local train system is also a great idea. Then people won’t need to travel to a train station… It will ease a lot as they can just jump on a tram in their nearest tram station and jump off at their nearest local train station outside of the city. Many people lives outside of the center of city’s worldwide and these people should have the very same comfort getting to work or home from work as those living in the city center. This is win for all the companies having their offices in the center of a city and also for those having their offices outside of city center.

Essen Tunnel Entrance from Street level

Essen Tunnel Entrance from Street level

Also to combine tram and metro and stations is another good way of making an effective transit system. Essen one is for sure a good one. As seen on the topic picture for this article. Essen have many cool tunnel entrances that let’s the trams change their behaviour  and effective transport people from street level parts of the town to the metro system of the town.

Now it’s up to You to elect the right people in your country so you can get an effective transport minister. She or he should understand whats affordable. She or he must work close with the transit people in the town and be able to find solutions that is great. Having trams, metros and trains in a town is essential. Cars needs this competition and when you visit towns like Essen or even Karlsruhe. You understand how effective it can be.

Map of Essen in Germany (Ruhr area)

[osm_map_v3 map_center=”51.453,7.011″ zoom=”12″ width=”100%” height=”550″ ]

Get affordable and effective trams to your city Now

So what will your city do Next? Spread this to anyone that thinks that trams is a bad solution to your city. With more trams and less buses on the streets in our cities, then our world would breath much better. Metro is at least better solution if that’s what your city got, but if your city got only buses like Kiel in Germany. It is time to get them back! Trams can really change the life you have and if you need proof. Here I’ve found a video from Line 88 that runs outside of Berlin in a small village. This shows how a tram line can be used as a local train that doesn’t take up too much space.

Video from Line 88 outside of Berlin. You reach it by S-Bahn

Distrita Own Experience
Distrita Own Experience