What can you do? All media is doing is telling everyone that the ice is melting, but no one is really writing about what you can do to really save the enviroment?

Walk More!:
This is one of the most simplest things to do. Instead of taking the car or bus to the nearest shop. Try to walk. Also, if you take a normal bus and the route got many stops. Try to go of one or two stops before the one you usually use. This will save the enviroment a little. This also give free training.

Electric Bikes or Normal Bike!:
Are you a biker or do you take the bus or taxi a lot? Try to buy a Electric Bike if you can. This is very enviromently recommended. It’s electric and you get the training that you need. This can also replace that gym place you are at. In countries with hills, I can enlighten that even with Electric Bike, its quite good training and you will be able to see more.

Take the Metro, Tram and Train instead of Bus!:
Most of the busses pollutes. But not trolley or electric ones. Another thing is that all sorts of buses and taxi uses tires, which also pull up lots of dust. This is especially dangerous for people with lots of allergy which can lead to astma.

Demand for Better public transportation where you Live:
Many cities and city mayors says they are too small for having trams or do any enviromental actions. There are cities with 10000 people, which got tram where streets are very silent and safe. Everywhere where Trams and Metro goes, it improves the life quality for all in the area around where they go. In Dublin, Ireland and Bergen, Norway its been a significant reduction in car usage where the new tram lines goes. Also the new tram lines in Tenerife (Canary Islands) is making lots of positive progress.

Conclusion to this is that you can do many things just by doing something for the enviroment. You and I are responsible for our future and the goat or your cat you have will be very happy for it.