3% is a sci-fi thriller
The title is “3%” on this sci-fi dystopic production!

Everything that is awesome sci-fi needs to come from the USA? Well, this is in the past for sure. Now a Portuguese spoken Sci-Fi serial from Brazil called “3%“, is the new thing to watch where the Portuguese language is used.

3 Pilot episodes of this sci-fi dystopic drama thriller from Brazil are now available on YouTube for free. The following episodes and seasons can in the future be seen on Netflix.  

In this verdict of this interesting Brazilian Sci-Fi, that is directed by César Charlone, Daina Giannecchini, Dani Libardi and Jotagá Crema. I want to introduce this excellent but too underrated sci-fi series. Give it a chance!

A dystopic future in 3%

3% is put in a dystopic future, where people are given a chance to leave their poverty life that is heavily guarded and make it to a better life on an island. The name for the 3% series from Brazil comes from an important meaning in the history of our world:

In the mid-1700’s, the British colonies of North America had many reasons to be disgruntled with the British Empire and the ruling class in England. Recognizing that things would get worse before they got better, many amongst the people banded together to push an ideology they all shared. This ideology identified and acknowledged that every person has from birth certain rights. These are not granted by any authority other than their Creator. The limitation or denial of these rights is defined as tyranny and oppression. These bands of people worked together to peacefully resolve the abuses of their government, but recognized that peace was not a guaranteed solution.

Eventually, an idea was coined of having “Minutemen” available at a moment’s notice should the King’s tyranny show up in their town, on their streets, or at their door. These Minutemen would meet, train, and prepare to defend themselves, their family, and their townships from an ever encroaching empire. It is from these Minutemen where the 3% name originated. It is a rough estimate that only 3% of the colonists were actively fighting in the field against British forces at any given time.

This movement still exists today in local militias that stand ready to oppose tyranny.

However, in this sci-fi drama thriller series, only 3% can make it into a better life they think. It all happens in a different world with a different future. To be able to make it to the island, poor people need to pass intensive interviews, exams, and tests. Netflix gave it a chance and 3 of the first pilot episodes are even out on YouTube to be watched totally free. Great initiative as an entrance to the series!

With elements from Hunger Games, Maze Runner and Divergent, 3% manages to pull the viewer into its dimension. But not only because of the similarities, but also for unique aspects of the series. The makers of 3% series manage to give this unique dystopian future a much different in-depth.

3% is made in a country that got huge cities where the difference between rich and poor is very extreme. This Sci-Fi series pulls that fact into this story which makes 3% an emotional ride for young and old. Especially for those that are in Brazil.


3% Sci-Fi Dictator acts very well

Very talented Actors and Actresses

From the very first sentence to the last in every episode, all of the actors and actresses in this serial do their jobs extremely well.

Bianca Comparato which is born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (1985) is one of the best ones. She plays as Michele, a naive teenager without a family. Her act is so down to earth and puts in my view Hunger Games actor Jennifer Lawrence aside. Bianca Comparato would be perfect as Katniss Everdeen. Another big actor, ist the one playing the head of the Process in 3%.  João Miguel which is born in Salvador, Brazil does an excellent job as Ezequiel. He is such a strong character and he makes today’s politicians weak for sure.


He puts the candidates into physical and mental tests that pull the candidates’ emotions in all directions. Mel Fronckowiak that played as Ezequiel’s wife also pulls some emotions for sure. Her story in 3% is so strong it puts all pieces together and you understand more and more on how Ezequiel is and what secrets he hides.

Strong Brazilian effects in 3%

From the very start of 3%, the intro makes you love it. The music and atmosphere in this serial are amazingly done. I would say it is well made, but with some more funds, I think they would have been much better.

The visuals are in some areas very amazingly done, and the character wounds are well designed.. But the 3D scenes of the complex could have been made in a much better way. Also another thing,… There is a submarine taking the people to an island, but near this Process complex, there is no water. I am so trigged to find out what is going on and what’s gone wrong in this world. The story is so powerful, but the visuals are for me more mystic than answering.

I really hope that Netflix puts much more funds into this series as the potential here is endless. The whole plot and how the poor and rich are living is such a strong part of these serial that you will forget about the worse visual parts.

Watch the First of 3 pilot episodes on YouTube

Source: Amazon Prime – David Redigeer (Science Fiction on Facebook)