Leaders of the Dansk Folkeparti have said there are enough Muslims living in Denmark and the government should put border patrols in place to ensure no more are allowed to enter.

The defence spokesman for the party, Marie Krarup, said now is the time to halt Muslim immigration completely. He claimed that the size of the Muslim minority in the Scandinavian country should be limited. The party’s Anders Vistisen, second on its list of European Parliament candidates, agreed.

Meanwhile, DF citizenship spokesman Christian Langbelle admitted that it would not be possible to put a complete ban on Muslims in place, describing it as “impractical”, but agreed that Muslim immigration should be limited.

There should be no hate against any minorities. Before there was Judes, now it is Muslims. Why hate? We are in 2014 and I wonder why we all humans thinks the same as in 1940’s. We have’t learned anything? The focus should be friendship and help our earth to be a better place for everyone. Respect each other for each ones beliefs. That should be our goals. Why hate Muslims? Why hate people which are Gay? Why hate people because their love is different than yours? I hope for better times ahead.

Det Danse Folkeparti have the same thaughts as Hitlers party had when it came to power. It is extreme and such words shouldn’t be spoken. There are many good Muslims. I know them. But there are bad Christians and Judes also. Respect each other and live a prosper life. Try it. You will feel change around you and in your heart. You will be a good person then. Good is good.