If you love exploring games that are magical. Flower is another game that is out for Playstation 3 and Playstation 4. But this game is a Norwegian nature-inspired game. It is called Embracelet and this is a upcoming game that you should get when it is released in 2020.

A Mysterious Norwgian Third Person Puzzle 

If you want to explore something in the Norwegian wild nature. Then Embracelet is a third person puzzle adventure game that should get your attention. 

Embracelet is a new puzzle adventure about family, friendship, love, and loss. There is also a magical bracelet with mysterious powers. What they are we don’t know so much about yet. But it is for sure very interesting. 

Embracelet is under development Now

The game is currently in development, and planned for a 2020 release on PC and Nintendo Switch.

Embracelet is developed by one-man-studio Machineboy in Norway. Machineboy’s previous game was the award-winning adventure Milkmaid of the Milky Way, which is out on Nintendo Switch, Steam, Apple App Store, Google Play and itch.io.

If you want to follow the development of this game, please visit machineboy.com or follow machineboy on twitter, instagram and facebook: @machineboyCom

We are really looking forward to being able to review this game in the future. Such games are very good art games and this developer will show that when Embracelet is released. The trailer looks very mysterious but the final result will for sure be an eyeopener for many. 

Distrita wishes Machineboy all Good Luck with the Release!

Embracelet Tiny FAQ

Source: YouTube

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