Alita Battle Angel movie must be one of the most underrated movies by media worldwide. It is also the movie that revealed how fake 80 percent of the news media is around the globe. Because almost everyone posted bad reviews and articles without even have seen the movie.

Journalists writing that this movie didn’t have good enough special effects should be fired or the words released by these critics of the movie!

I wonder. Have these critics ever seen the movie at all? Well. All know it the totally opposite. How can this movie reviewer for CNN even write such words? It seems for me like he hasn’t understood Alita Battle Angel at all. And that comes from a media that is trusted worldwide. I am glad that the worldwide viewing numbers prooves wrong. But with critics such as this one, it is hard for a new type of movie to arrive to more hearts around the globe. Brian… You could have watched the movie? Couldn’t you?

Here are the critics that I am referring to above here

The film is bloody, brutally violent and rather dull. The romance is awkward, the relationships stilted and the film’s heroine rather uninteresting.

The Daily Times, Amanda Greever

Ultimately, “Alita” seeks to create a semi-immersive experience (the 3D is impressive), but in the process plays like more like a video game than a movie, which is fine for about all of 10 minutes.

CNN, Brian Lowry

Well. My love for the movie will never change ever. It is cool to see that celebrities such as Elon Musk taking Alita Battle Angel fight for a sequel to new heights. Alita deserves this. I don’t know the reason behind his stunt posting a rocket with Alita Battle Angle on it. But he seems to try to communicate with the community which is growing day by day. Disney or anyone higher up in the system should understand that people want #AlitaSequel of Alita Battle Angel to happen.

Elon Musk is flirting with the Alita fans

Over 96.300 hearts are sent to the Tweet that Elon Musk did. That’s since the 25th of February 2020 when he posted it. Today it is the 26th of February 2020. If you love the flirt that Elon did.

I really urge everyone to hit that heart. A celebrity like Elon Musk doing this should understand that by doing this it is like fire up the fire for #AlitaSequel that is already happening all over the world.

People want the sequel of the Alita Battle Angel movie to happen. The story about this cyborg is intense. With a very open end to the movie. The sequel should be done soon. Alita is not just a USA type of movie. James Cameron and Robert Rodrigues together with Yukito Kishiro created the biggest International movie movement ever.

Just look at what happened in Chine where Chinese people giving this movie a remarkable win over Avatar even outside of the USA in income numbers. All of these actors became celebrities in China. Also in France, the viewing numbers were high.

A strong story that needs to continue with a #AlitaSequel

We Fight for #AlitaSequel – Sign the Petition Together!

Alita Battle Angel is a sci-fi movie that is based on the Manga that s written by Yukito Kishiro, called “Battle Angel Alita”. There was Anime adaptation of the first few books made, called “Battle Angel” that was released as “original video animation” aka OVA as many know it as today. This OVA of 2 episodes, Rusty Angel and Tears Sign was Released in Japan as “Gunnm”.

The story of the movie begins a bit odd. But it focuses on the events on earth in the 26th century, when a floating city, called Tiphares, dumps its trash onto the world below.

In this bleak landscape, called the Scrapyard, Doc Ido, a cyborg physician, finds the head and torso of a young cyborg girl. Only Alita’s brain is human and she has lost her memory. Doc Ido rebuilds her and later they discover that she has been programmed with an ancient cyborg fighting style. Alita soon finds out that Doc Ido works as a bounty hunter for the Factory, (the support organization for the floating city). Together, they take on many deadly foes as they try to unlock Alita’s true power and potential.

First Alita Battle Angel movie talks in 2010

A cyborg with fantastic fighting techniques in Alita Battle Angel

On the 19th of February 2010, the Avatar producer Jon Landau hinted on MTV Splash that the film, now being called Alita, may be filmed after Avatar 2. But it happened before! Avatar 2 is still not done. So the hope is that #AlitaSequel will happen after Avatar 2 is released.

James Cameron directed and made the live-action adaption together with Robert Rodrigues of the first three volumes of the manga series. More movies should later cover the rest of the series with the first being such a huge success all over the world. It took time for the world to find the love for Alita but once it happened. The community of Alita and even #AlitaArmy grew and grew.

So. If you’re a big fan of anime or just movies in general, then this anime adaption is one of the best adaptions ever made. Yes, I even want to go as far as saying it is the best one. Ghost In The Shell is on a nice second place. The very first Transformers live-action movie was also great. But then Transformers isn’t seen as a Japanese cartoon even though it is. The Transformers is an American–Japanese animated robot superhero television series that originally aired from the 17th of September 1984 to the 11th of November 1987.

We Fight for #AlitaSequel – Sign the Petition Together!

Distrita will always fight for #AlitaSequel by bringing weekly or more often articles about it. The Alita spirit is in my heart and it will never leave. Alita is a true positive spirit created in a movie! The Petition is done together with the community on without any sponsoring going on. I just want this sequel to happen. So I try to help out!