SimCity2000amigaNo more Maxis. Thanks to Electronic Arts, this game developer company is no more. I remember Sim City, Sim City 2000 and Sim City 4 as the most playable games from the team. But I also remember Sim Ant and Sim Earth as two great titles also. This news from Kotaku website is really showing the bad side of the market. EA could have kept them alive, but instead shuts them down.

EA has shut down Maxis Emeryville, the main Maxis studio and longrunning developer behind SimCity and Spore, among other games. Though the Maxis brand will carry on, the studio that most people knew as “Maxis” from Kotaku website

This is indeed sad news. In all of my time when I was teenager I always looked up to Maxis. Now this historic company is gone,.. eaten by the giant Electronic Arts.