There is something going on in America! Next a hoover board like in Back From The Future 3 movie? Nope. But until that release happens, The Verge can present an American manufacturing company which is called Boosted has introduced four new electric skateboard models. The series starts at $749 and can go as high as $1,599 based on their specs and features. They make sure that you get around for sure!

New lineup of amazing electric skateboard models Released

On Tuesday this week, Boosted announced its new lineup of electric skateboards which is named  Boosted Mini S, Boosted Mini X, Boosted Plus, and Boosted Stealth. The leading ultra-light electric vehicle company said in a press release that all new models feature it’s hallmark performance, safety, and vehicle-grade quality. Also, the company is ensuring increased durability and smoother ride for fans.

Now you can do skateboard runs with the electric touch! Amazing and here we present the different models that range from the cheapest to the more advanced version of Boosted!

1. Boosted Mini S is for those of you that wants the electric touch

The first skateboard that they have launched in the series will provide reasonable portability at a significantly lower price point than the rest of the other models. This 74.93cm long model offers a top speed of 28km/h with a range of 11km. It is the cheapest model at only $749 American dollars.

Electric skateboard models Pre-Order in America

The style looks really stylish. Electric skateboards are now moving forward. It will be interesting to watch people using them. Very interesting concept.

2. Boosted Mini X takes you Much further and looks more Professional Also

This electric board is almost the same, but with a bit more power. It has a similar length as the Boosted Mini S, but it offers a top speed of 32 km/h which is a bit faster. Also, this model got twice the range at 22km. For terrain that is more hilly. This model is a perfect kick for the ideal electric skater out there. It is a little bit more expensive than the Boosted Mini S model.

Boosted says both the Mini S and Mini X’s kicktail design allows them to quickly pivot and “float” over road imperfections. Both models also have very stable platforms thanks to their Deep Dish concave shape. A little more expensive and you get more for what you pay.

Electric skateboard models Pre-Order in America

Boosted Mini X have an almost identical design. The only difference is the color. Grey looks more professional? Orange is more for the beginner, but that doesn’t mean that Boosted Mini X is a worse product. It really all depends on how good you are at skating!

3. Boosted Plus can handle even higher speed and range data

The third model from Boosted is more expensive and it is also made for a skater that knows how to drive with it very well. The third lineup is actually the updated classic electric longboard by Boosted. Boosted Plus is priced at $1,399 for all the good reasons. This skateboard is created for the expert and so the price is for the one that understands his balance very well. This board is designed for greater speed which reaches 35 km/h! In Distance, it got the same range as Boosted Mini X at 22km.

Electric skateboard models Pre-Order in America

The design of Boosted Plus looks more professional. The engine is much smaller in size and lifting and carries this skateboard is a pleasure for the hands. The orange design makes it look cool too. Do we wonder if Boosted Mini X also can have orange wheels? It just looks so futuristically cool!

4. Boosted Stealth is the King of the electric skateboard castle

The best and most expensive electric skateboard out of the four is said to be the highest-performance longboard by Boosted ever made so far. It’s the most expensive at $1,599, but it is the ultimate getaway vehicle for the most advanced skater out there. With its top speed of 38 km/h and extended battery range at the same range as Boosted Mini X and Boosted Plus got which is up to 22km in range before you need to charge again. The biggest difference between Boosted Plus and Boosted Stealth is the fact that the former has four ride modes while the latter has five.

Electric skateboard models Pre-Order in America

“We’re focused on providing people with a more fun, efficient way to get around that truly fits into the reality of today’s multi-modal transportation needs – a ride that is instantly available, requires no parking or storage, cuts through traffic, and that you can take on a train or bus and throw in the trunk of a car for a longer trip,” Boosted CEO Jeff Russakow said.

All four Boosted boards are now available to pre-order at

The Verge has learned that all four models will start shipping in late May or early June. This will be a very interesting launch. So, if you are into skating and your country allows you to use electric skateboards.

Then pre-order it all at which we at Distrita supports. This news is just too cool to not post.

So, get out! Have fun and do showcases with these electric skateboards that Boosted is launching.

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