United States will begin implementing a system to electronically record the admission of international visitors, so remains out of use I-94 form in the maritime and air ports of entry according to the Notimex Agency.

The Bureau of customs and border protection of the United States (CBP) announced Friday that only will affix a seal of admission in the passports of travellers and need a copy of the I-94 form can be obtained on the website http://www.cbp.gov/I94

The measure will come into force across the country from the last week of may, but starting this weekend be proven its efficiency at airports from Orlando and Miami, Florida; Las Vegas, Nevada; Chicago, Illinois; and Houston, Texas.

The I-94 form and not be required to apply for or renew a visa since records of entry and exit will be in electronic file, but will continue dealing in overland entry posts, since the measure applies only for sea and air ports.