New Tram in United Kingdom: Edinburgh has been without a tram system since 16 November 1956, but now Edinburgh got finally a new tram-connection in Scotland (northern part of UK). This wasn’t easy to get, but finally in 2008 politicians agreed on getting the tram back to Edinburgh. The connection got established on 31st of May and is now connecting its airport with the city. This town have about 482000 in population, but in its urban area, there are about 817800. Scots and English is their language. The tram running from Airport which is on the west side of the city to York Place in city centre.

A nice note about the city is that in 2004, Edinburgh became the world’s first UNESCO City of Literature, an accolade awarded in recognition of its literary heritage and lively literary activities in the present.

There is lots to see in Edinburgh, but Distrita needs someone that knows the city well so we can put a review of this town on our site.

Here is the new tram map of Edinburgh: