There are some incredible talented people putting all of their efforts bringing quality documentaries to YouTube. One of them is John Daub, which is behind the ultra popular Only In Japan series there. He makes all kinds of videos from Japan, which teaches and entertains the viewers a lot. He is easy to understand and he got such a positive vibe that it’s fantastic to watch. On one of his latest videos. John have managed to make a highly productive and interesting documentary about Edamame, which is indeed one of the world’s healthiest snack that you can find.

Raw vs Slightly cooked Edamame taste Revealed

John goes quite deep into even try to taste them raw, just to find out that Edamame needs to be cooked. A nice experience for sure and an unexpected one. Me and myself always thought they would be like snow peas. But I was totally wrong.

Mostly, you find Edamame in the freezer at Asian food stores here in Norway. They are supposed to be boiled or steamed with a little bit of salt. However, as John explains in this video. To eat totally fresh Edamame is something different than the frozen ones.

He describes and interviews makers behind the Edamame cultivation. Here you get to know when the process starts and when they are sold in the stores in Japan. So! If you want to eat some snacks. Then we recommend together with John to eat world’s healthiest snack which is Edamame.

Watch the Only In Japan episode about Edamame here

It is so cool to see such independent YouTubers like John Daub, producing such quality documentaries for you and me. He as some others does this job even better than some of the documentaries that can be seen on Discovery channel worldwide. Thanks for all of your fantastic productions John! We love you!

Only In Japan on YouTube