You have the usual Monday sickness after a wild weekend. You have made too much pizza which is one of worlds most popular food to eat, but you still are a person that worries that if you don’t eat the rest of pizza, it will become bad.

SO, why not eat it for breakfast? It is the best Food Website ideas Ever

What is pizza? Pizza is popular food and it is something that people eat in almost every corner of the world today. You can either get this popular food dish in the Italian way or the American way. You can get different buns. Some are crispy, other got cheese in the crust and you have different size buns.  Italian pizzas are rather thin, with lots of filling while the American pizzas have thick bun with less filling.

Now you know a bit and then if you have some left overs. Use it for breakfast. Warm up the pizza, put some bacon on it and place a egg on it. Heat it up and in just few minutes you don’t need to waste food. Stop wasting food. Eat what you have made. Period! Distrita urge you to do this!

Eating pizza for breakfast gives you full strength for the day. Adding egg to it. Then it even becomes a fantastic dish for breakfast. You can fill the pizza with various meat, salads and spices. Some like pizzas more spicy while others love them basic. You can choose to do whatever you want to and thats some of the biggest strengths with pizza. It makes your breakfast as healthy as you wish.

Have a Yummy breakfast time!

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