On Tuesday morning at 4.49 local time. An earthquake with a magnitude 4.5 managed to struck parts of California state in USA site reports. It is U.S. Geological Survey that mentions this right now.

Revised measurement of the magnitude struck

USGS have just mentionet that the depth measurement was 12.87km (8 miles) and that the epicenter was located 12.87km (8 miles) north of Cabazon and 20 miles northwest of Palm Springs.

First the earthquake was measured at 4.6, but it was revised down to 4.5

Residents and people in the area reported feeling in San Bernardino, Banning, Lake Elsinore and Colton. Woodland Hills and Laguna Niguel people also felt it.  First the earthquake was measured at 4.6, but it was revised down to 4.5. Question is how thats even possible? Measurements should always be correct! Especially for earthqauke shakes.

There is however no reports of injuries or damages in the area. This area of USA is known for having several shakes now and then. So, the residents here are prepared for earthquakes. As normal, there will be after shakes that can be felt too.

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