Last night at 21.46, outside of the democratic Nordic country Iceland in Europe happened last night. This 3.1 magnitude earthquake occurred about 10 km West South West of Geirfugladrangi North West of Reykjanes on the South-West peninsuala of Reykjavik last night at 21:46.

More than 60 quakes was registered last night

There was around 60 quakes from 21.45. Most of the earthquakes were only around 1 magnitude. But the largest one was at 3.1 magnitude.

Most of the earthquakes occured at Krýsuvík and Kleifarvatn but a dozen quakes occurred at the Bláfjöll mountains, a popular ski resort. The quake happened quite far from land though, so it didn’t cause any bigger issues. In the Nordic countries you have almost no earthquakes, but since Iceland sits on a place where two bigger world plates is colliding. Then this country got more earthquakes and even vulcano outbreaks.