In the beginning of Internet era, Altavista growed quickly as the most popular search engine. Later, Google came and have managed to become the only search engine that most people know of, leaving Bing from Microsoft and others in the dust. With this power they have also been included into Snowden’s revelations about NSA and peoples privacy on-line.

DuckDuckGo has grown 600 percent within 2 years after Snowden revelations

After Snowden’s revelations, DuckDuckGo have really got a boost in popularity. People feel more secure when using it compared to Google where everyone is tracked everywhere they go and where its almost impossible to not be tracked. Also Apple supports the engine which claims to not earn by checking every user. Gabe Weinberg which is CEO of DuckDuckGo tells 9to5Mac that they only earn on keywords that customers type in when they search:

– It is a myth that you need to follow users to monetize search. We earn money only with keywords advertising. You enter a car type, and you get a car adverts. It really is just as straightforward. Google is tracking you on all other sides because they own a giant ad networks, so they must have the search engine to track you. Gabe Weinberg writes

With anti-track policy DuckDuckGo puts Google to a corner

Gabe Weinberg can with his search engine make a standard that Google would need to follow or they can risk to loose lots of users.

What will happen to the millions of Adsense users which earns money on them like Distrita? We need to be prepared and maybe it will give Google a boost in usage if they change to a more strict monetize system?