Now as the green and red Light Rail lines in Dublin, Ireland is crossing each other. It seems as if the authorities of the city national transport is looking for new ways to extend public transportation light rail construction in the capital of Ireland. But it will take a while. The new MetroLink will open eventually in 2027.

The proposed 26km route will run from Estuary, north of Swords in the north of the city to Sandyford in the south, via the airport and the city centre. The line will include two underground sections, with the first running beneath the airport, and the second running from the south of Dublin City University beneath the city centre and emerging close to Charlemont, where the line will join the existing Luas Green Line alignment to Sandyford. The Green Line will be upgraded for metro operation as part of the project.

Proposing Light Rail Construction in Dublin Ireland

photosource: Jan Flønes / New tracks under construction in Dublin

MetroLink to join the Luas Green Line at Sandyford Station

With this new 26km new route that will include two underground sections. It will link with the existing Luas Green Line at Sandyford station area. But we wonder about what the meaning of “The Green Line will be upgraded for metro operation”? The light rail construction of the bergen light rail line to the Bergen airport didn’t introduce a new system to the network. They just extended what Bergen light rail already offered.

In Porto, Portugal this town got a very interesting Light Rail public transportation network that every town should look at. The MetroLink should be based on the Green Line and Red Line tracks and vehicles. Not creating yet another railway system. The light rail network in Porto, Portugal also reaches the airport.

Proposing Light Rail Construction in Dublin Ireland

photosource: Joakim Teig / Nice photo of a tram in Dublin

A Humongous project with 15 out of 25 stations becoming Metro standard alike stations

What is the plans for upgrading the existing Lua Green Line we wonder. What does it mean? Distrita will follow this news. This project however seems to be finished by 2027 so there is time.

“We don’t believe that a bus system or a standard Luas line would be able to accommodate that number of passengers and that is why MetroLink makes so much sense,” says Ms Anne Graham, NTA CEO.

It is really great that the CEO of national transport authority says something wise in this article. Why does any city this of a bus link as an alternative to any light rail construction or metro construction project. It’s beyond any wise thinking for sure.

The 15 out of 25 stations will be built underground. We hope they will use the existing vehicles and let this light rail MetroLink extension will not add new systems. Just look at Porto in Portugal or Karlsruhe in Germany or Den Haag in Netherlands where both light rail networks and tram networks uses the same tracks and stations overground and underground.

Distrita will for sure follow up this. But our final question? Why will this take 9 years to build?…

Awesome Video of Light Rail in Dublin, Ireland