cucumber summer drink for warm days recipe

Healthy Summer Drinks that are meant for warm summer days! This yummy cucumber cocktail is easy to prepare, and vegan too! Check out this delicious cucumber summer drink recipe on It might seem like we’re quite the lush pair here at Minimalist Baker, but that really isn’t the case.Continue Reading

burger for breakfast at mcdonalds

This videoclip is in Norwegian. We tested how that would work. Most important to share info about is that it is quite tasty. We enjoyed the breakfast meal there. It is also big disapointment that McDonald’s seems to be the only one serving breakfast type of meals. Burger King andContinue Reading

Second Amazon GO store

What if you could just go to your nearest grocery store, grab what you need, and go home? Now, this is a concept that Amazon Go has launched. You need to download the app and use it when you shop. No cashiers to talk to. What sort of grocery habitsContinue Reading

grocery stores with frozen pizzas

Are you a Brit that remembers how Marmite tastes? Or how about Sandwich spread by Heinz? The Iceland grocery chain is now also located in Norway. Check out our experience going there in this video. Ads