You think that you need drifting. But you might not know that this is a Lifestyle for many people in Japan. It is actually one of Japan’s most dangerous obsession. Well, it is great to see that they have their own track… Here in Norway in every smaller town, there are drifting people. They often go over the border to Sweden’s border towns where the Police is chasing them every year.

But this drifting style in Japan is something else.

What do you think of such a drifting obsession? Is this something that some of your friends are doing? What do you think of drifting? It is a hobby,… so let the people doing it have fun. I loved this episode of Abroad In Japan so much that I choose to post it here.

It is really well made by Chris! A recommended YouTuber for everyone interested in whats going on in Japan in English.

Source: Abroad In Japan on YouTube