Modrobert at EurAsia writes: “MNEMO has developed an USB-GDROM controller for Sega Dreamcast. This is currently designed as a replacement for the GD-ROM drive. A few prototypes have been sold for review already, but this product is still in development pending mass production. Thanks goes to DJMANPS2 for the heads up. Read on for features…


  • USB 2.0 Host
  • support USB FlashStick, SATA/IDE HDD(tested only 3.5”), SD up to 2 TBytes
  • support FAT32
  • 100% compatible
  • CDDA supported
  • Format: GDI & ISO
  • Region free (You can launch any GDI images at your console)
  • excellent design
  • more features & firmware updates up to 2017-2018 y. (if DC Community support this product)”
  • This is a very interesting news for those with broken GDROM’s or have a bad laser. Distrita will follow this news for you.