There was a time when HTML ruled the world wide web and when Internet Explorer and its owner Microsoft tried to take over the net. But this never happened. Thanks for that!

The independent world wide web won the race, but now it seems like Google is trying to do the very same thing as Microsoft. Well, not exactly. Since Google Chrome uses webkit engine which many other world wide web browsers also uses. Some of these browsers also exists on other operating systems that is known. However, Firefox has now shrinked down to only 6.5% in the world wide web browser market. So, with this update they hope to adjust that.

Support for more than one cpu in the Latest Firefox 54 Version

The number one key feature in this new version of Firefox, is that this so called “Last Independent Web Browser” have managed to get a speed boost that is noticed. Especially on MacOSX. After installing it and writing this news item about it. It shows that the latest Firefox 54 got support for more cpus than just one.

This new version supports multi-processes, which allows it to balance the load on multiple processor cores. Now, this feature should have been out when the first dual core cpus from Intel came. But that’s how it goes with the PC market, when hardware market is free. It’s harder to optimize, because people upgrades their PCs to fast.

Uses less memory than previous versions of Firefox

Mozilla also announced that the latest Firefox 54 version uses less mem than it’s competitors. This part I haven’t been able to test, but with the speedboost that I’ve noticed on the MacOSX version of the browser. This is great news.

Firefox with multiprocessing makes websites run much better on all computers, especially on low-memory machines, Mozilla writes. Now this is a interesting note and maybe the AmigaOS version which is named Timberwolf can get these updates!?

Get the Latest Firefox 54 Update Here