Torrent is as we know, a sin as it can be related to piracy. But a torrent file can be so much more than just that. A torrent file is easy spread, so large files can be spread easy and faster in most cases. It is a secure way of transfering files. Its no different than having files on a FTP server or on your Google Drive in the cloud. So, Vuze is saying to its users not to steal. In fact this is a much better way of telling people than punish people which downloads illegal. I don’t smoke, but on smoke packages there are warnings of health etc. Its not directly the same thing, but it makes you read an re-think about your health. Same thing with Vuze. They want you to download legal torrent files! Because there are tons of it.

In Norway, NRK uses torrent to spread programs. Other also do this. In 1980’s we had piracy on Commodore 64 and later Amiga, Atari and now PC, PS3, PS4 and other consoles. Piracy is bad, but in some cases piracy is also good for products. Look at the revival of Giana Sisters. Thanks to massive piracy, this game is now commercially available for consoles and computers. And thanks to piracy, Game Of Thrones is even more popular than ever before.

Distrita never recommends any person to do wrong things and steal copyrighted material, but putting people behind bars because of spreading material is wrong. Its much better to inform those which do rip and steal instead. Make them re-think. Make them think its wrong and also parents should teach their children about what is right and wrong.

File Sharing Client Vuze spreading words with moral  to their users is great. With more sites doing this. Then we all will have better dreams in the night.

Michal Bergseth


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