Google launched Monday its role as predictive search Google Now for users of iPhone and iPad, as an update to the Google Search application. The duel began today with the release of a free iPhone and iPad app that features Google Now, a technology that performs many of the same functions as Siri.

The app, which runs on devices with the Android operating system since last year, used the wealth of data collected by different platforms to provide useful information when people need it. 
On any given time, Google Now automatically displays the climate of your area, the traffic of your daily route of displacement and the result of your favorite team in the game last night.

If you have a planned trip, the platform can show your flight status, when you need to go out to the airport, relevant monetary conversions and addresses of hotels and attractions in place for visiting.

Each block of information shown is called card, and the types of cards that a person sees depend on elected to link the application of Google services.

Your search history says Google Now what music you like, what news are looking for more and other interests. It is also possible to train Google Now by removing unwanted cards.

“We are providing answers until you’ve even made the question,” said Tamar Yehoshua, director of development of Google products.

It is one of the most promising links to Gmail. Confirmation of post for restaurants, flights, reservations of hotels, concerts or events boletados or purchase receipts tend to get lost easily in the Inbox.


And if the idea of sharing information a post with Google Now sound like a threat to the privacy, it is possible to limit this with adjustments to the browsing history and location information. Google currently uses much of this information in ads in Gmail or in search results.

Google Now has been considered a competitor of Siri, the virtual assistant of Apple. Google’s platform also has search functions through voice allowing you to ask questions in the native language.

However, Siri is deeply attached to the operating system Apple’s iOS. Google, on the other hand, has managed to link Google Now to the Android operating system, but is more limited in iPhone and iPad. For example, Google Now has no touch notifications, which means that it is necessary to open the application to see what is new for the user.