Cheese Burgers, Steak and Ramen at a Belt Sushi Restaurant in Japan!

We often think of sushi restaurants as places which only sells raw fish on top of rice. But sushi stands for small bites of uniqueness. It really does. So for many sushi places with belts transporting they also serve other things than raw fish. In the documentary series”Only in Japan”,Continue Reading

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Understand Everything about the Green Spicy Sushi part in this Wasabi Guide

You might not know, but the info background about how Wasabi (which is known, because it is a spicy addon to every Sushi box meals) is made worldwide is very weak. Many simply doesn’t know about it. Neither did I. So, to see how this special vegetable grows is reallyContinue Reading

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On our sister site Disvida, you can find some very cool Discovery Channel ident’s from the 90’s like this intro section for the channel. At that time there was no YouTub or Patreon. The net revolution just began. Natsuki wouldn’t have chance getting famous. But Discovery Channel was unique atContinue Reading

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